Nikon’s Latest Mirrorless Teaser is All About Lenses

Nikon is doing a stellar job of laying out bread crumbs towards the launch of their new full frame mirrorless camera. From shots in the shadows, to focusing on it’s large lens mount, to even a silhouetted look at the body, Nikon fans are salivating at this next phase of what Nikon calls the “next hundred years.” But the latest teaser is all about glass, and s0me of the fastest Nikkor lenses yet.

As we embark on the next 100 years, these lenses are a new symbol of Nikon’s quest for optical perfection.

The new Nikkor Noct lenses are designed specifically for the 58mm Z Full frame Mirrorless camera lines and are designed to offer low light performance without sacrificing optical sharpness and clarity. NOCT is a latin term meaning “night” and the video above shows a 58mm f1.2 lens, which represents one of the fastest that Nikkor has ever offered.

“The famously fast and super special lens, with hand polished elements designed to reduce the coma flare. This lens was created with low light and astronomical applications in mind, hence Noct (Nocturnal).” – Japan Camera Hunter

Noct Lenses were originally made starting in the 1970s and was discontinued twenty years later.  Since then, the lenses are very popular on the used market, where shooters are paying hefty prices for them on eBay, due to their rarity. Now it looks like Nikon is bringing the line back for its mirrorless Z line.

But it may not be the fastest. According to PetaPixel, Nikon has made a trademark application with the European union that covers a 52mm f.09 full frame mirrorless lens. If that is true, it will definitely be the fastest lens ever made for Nikon and would be very popular with all photographers, much less mirrorless fans.

Other lenses that are believed to be announced along with Nikon’s two full frame mirrorless cameras (the Z6 & Z7) are believed to be a 24-70mm f/4, 50mm f/1.8, and a trio of wide angles from 24-35mm, and 58mm f/0.95, though the last lens will likely not be announced until next year.

But the trademark application doesn’t only cover lenses, as it includes “Cameras; digital cameras; cameras with interchangeable lenses; digital cameras with interchangeable lenses; lenses for cameras; lenses for digital cameras; interchangeable lenses for cameras; mount adapters for lenses; camera mounts; lens mounts; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.” This may mean that a special low light sensor is also being developed for the mirrorless line that will come down the road. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, shooters will have plenty of glass to invest in, plus there’s going to be a Nikkor adapter for use with standard full frame FX lenses.  The announcement is expected on August 23rd.


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