NVIDIA To Reveal Lower Cost Titan 4K Video Card At CES

nvidia-titan-x_official_pcb-840x404By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

As we move further towards the standards of ultra high definition, more native 4K hardware will come out to support it. Admittedly, right now a lot of the graphics cards are being driven by the gaming industry, but that’s not a bad thing, as post-production can benefit from it. The latest is NVIDIA’s new GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, and it’s going to make both industries a lot more fun to work and play in.

msi-geforce-gtx-1080-1According to a leaked shipping manifest, the GTX 1080 Ti graphics card is a 4K beast, with 10GB of on board GDDR5X vRAM and over 2500 GP102 cores for processing ultra high definition video streams. This gives the 1080 Ti and 1080X the capability to handle up to 10GB per second of 384 bit memory, processing between 9-11 Teraflops of computing power. Wow!

The 1080 line is designed to go head-to-head with AMD’s VEGA GPU and the VEGA, which appears to hold the high ground on raw computing power with 12.5 Teraflops. The previous AMD Fury also had a higher computing power, but according to benchmarks, the Titan 980 was a tad faster, and it looks to be that the 1080 may just share that capability. This is largely due to the improved speed of its GDDR5X RAM.

Other features include:

  1. 12 Bn transistors
  2. 2500-3600 CUDA cores
  3. Base clock speed of 1147-1730 (depending on model)
  4. 10GBs memory speed
  5. 480GB/s bandwidth
  6. 12GB GDDR5X VRam

NVIDIA will showcase the Titan 1080, with performance specs similar to the Titan X, but at a price point that’s under $1000, and if they can launch their card at CES before AMD, they could dictate the pricing, forcing AMD to respond in kind to stay competitive dollar wise.

Also, NVIDIA is hinting that existing GTX 980 users will receive a special upgrade price, but we don’t know any details for that. There was also a leaked job listing on LinkedIn of all places for a “Senior Marketing Manager of GeForce Gamer Loyalty and Advocacy.” The listing features talk about the discount initiative, plus NVIDIA’s plan to create Club GeForce Elite, which will allow gamers to pay $10/month for access to a rotating library of games, items and special discounts on gear.

Though both cards are designed to drive 4K video gaming, it’s easy to see how this kind of graphics horsepower will help the post production workflow to shoulder the load of not only 4K video streams, but also virtual reality and 360° video streams. Low budget users will be able to invest a little more in their gaming cards and be safe in the assurance that they can offload the 4K video for the GPU to shoulder the heavy lifting  while it is able to edit from native footage, rather than proxies.

We’ll be learning more about the 1080 Ti and NVidia’s plans when CEO Jen-Hsun Huang delivers the initial keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. That’s when NVIDIA will likely announce official pricing and shipping dates.

Hat Tip: WCCFtech

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