NVIDIA Unleashes World’s Fastest GPU With Quadro P6000

quadroBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Less than seven days after launching the Titan X onto the world, based on the new Pascal architecture, NVIDIA tops itself with the world’s fastest graphics card, the Quadro P6000. It was announced at this year’s computer graphics trade show, SIGGRAPH, in Anaheim, California.

The Quadro P6000 can deliver 12 teraflops of single-precision performance which is a full teraflop more than the Titan X. It sports 24GB of GDDR5X memory, a memory bandwidth of 432GBps, and 3,840 cores which is more than the 3072 cores and 12GB of memory the Titan X offers. With four DisplayPort 1.4 slots the Quadro can support resolutions up of 4K at 120Hz or 240Hz, 5K at 60Hz, or even 8k video at 30Hz.

Along with the Quadro P6000, NVIDIA also announced the Quadro P5000 with 2,560 cores, 16GB of GDDR5X memory, and 288GBps of bandwidth which can deliver up to 8.9 teraflops of performance.

Obviously the P6000 is a card that is aimed at the professional market for workstations that are used to edit 4K video, VR design, and 3D animation. chief technology officer at Pixar Animation Studios, Steve May, explains how the new card could be used to improve workflow at the studio:

“Often our artists are working with 50GB or higher datasets. The ability to visualize scenes of this size interactively gives our artists the ability to make creative decisions more quickly. We’re looking forward to testing the limits of Pascal and expect the benefits to our workflows to be huge.”

Another key component of the new card is that these new Quadro products use a technique called single-pass multiprojection. This allows the card to render for left & right eye projections in a single pass making it a perfect graphics card for the exploding VR market.

NVIDIA has also developed the VRWorks 360 Video SDK. This will allow VR developers create applications to ingest, stitch, and stream 4K video feeds from multi-camera rigs thereby enabling real-time, 360° surround video.

No price was announced for either card but you can definitely expect them to be rather pricey when they hit the market — and not only in monetary cost. The P6000 will take up some real estate inside your PC at 4.4 inches tall and 10.5 inches long as well as consuming up to 250W of power.

The NVIDIA Quadro P6000 and P5000 along with SDK will be available sometime this fall.

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