Panasonic Launches Free Varicam and EVA1 Camera Library

Panasonic is creating a great resource for shooters using the VariCam and EVA1 platforms to greatly improve the look of their images. The new library will offer not only a great ebook of their latest, flagship cinema camera – the EVA 1 – but also a comprehensive collection of DITs and LUTs that will give images a more artistic look.

“The VariCam LUT Library is a great communication tool. An enormous variety of looks are possible, and it’s far easier for a producer or director to understand and appreciate the look the cinematographer is trying to achieve by seeing it right on the screen. Having a LUT on set also allows the cinematographer to light and expose precisely to the look he or she is trying to capture. Finally, with the matching LUT available for post, the colorist knows what the cinematographer was working toward.” – Mitch Gross, Panasonic Cinema Product Manager

Panasonic has created a library with three formats of LUTs for users to download and use. The first is .VLT for loading onto VariCam cameras. Then comes E-E.CUBE for color grading, and then E-L.CUBE for use with your LUT box.

To load the VLT 3D LUT into your VariCam cinema camera, download the .VLT file onto the root directory of an SD card. Insert into your camera and press the Color button. The remainder of the eight step process can be found here. To use the LUTs with the EVA1, take your footage into your color grader of choice and apply the LUT in post.

Barry Green‘s seminal work on the EVA-1, A Guide to the Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera is available as an e-book for download here. In this comprehensive guide, Green takes you through every menu, setting and function on the Panasonic AU-EVA1 in a step-by-step process. The eBook includes a quick orientation to basic principles for shooters and in-depth walk-throughs of the camera’s unique capabilities.

Once you give Panasonic an email and all the usual info, you’re given the choice between a desktop PDF and a version for your mobile device.

With it comes a series of instructional videos to give you hands on experience, albeit virtually, on how the EVA1 works in just about any situation, weather grabbing that must have shot during magic hour, a low-light action sequence, or a daytime scene bathed in light. All with one camera.

The ten instructional videos cover a basic overview, using various codecs, including Raw, how to operate the EVA1’s focus assist feature, ISO, variable frame rates, scene files, and more. The playlist on YouTube can be subscribed to through the Panasonic Business Solutions YouTube Channel here.


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