Panasonic S1 Will Soon Shoot 10 bit 5K, If You Know How

Users of the Panasonic S1 4K mirrorless camera will soon have something to be seriously excited about, and it’s an ideal excuse to get an anamorphic lens. That’s because hidden deep inside the menu system there will soon be a mode that will enable you to shoot 5K, 10 bit video at over 200 MBps.

Everyone knows that shooters can take 6K photos with the Panasonic S1, and can even do brief 6K bursts which can sort of be translated into video. But there’s also a 10 bit mode in the  6K Photo menu that can not only capture 5K video, but do it in a 30fps burst for up to 10 minutes.  The video mode captures video at 200MBps, and there’s also a 3K Mode. Here’s what the menu reads:

  • 5184 x 3456 (3:2) – 10bit – 200Mbit (400Mbit*) – 30p
  • 3840 x 2160 (16:9) – 10bit – 72Mbit (144mbit*) – 24p/25p/30p

* H.264 equiv. quality.

The 10 Bit 5K mode will be part of a paid upgrade that will be coming soon and will also feature a higher bitrate, full V-Log, and 10bit 4:2:2 for 4K mode. Panasonic added basic V-Log capability for $99 and I would imagine that the added 5K mode, along with expanding V-Log and adding 4:2:2 could be a little bit more.

And sure, you’ll have to pay for the privilege, but that’s not a bad thing. Not everyone needs to shoot 5K, or even V-Log for that matter. Though everyone should. Add to that the S1’s current Hybrid Log Gamma, and it’s easy to see just how deep the capability is of the S1’s 24MP full frame CMOS sensor. In fact, the S1 is the only full frame mirrorless camera that can shoot HLG in full frame.

That alone sets it apart. but add everything else that’s coming, and it’s easy to see why Panasonic users are so obsessed with this plucky mirrorless platform.

In other Panasonic S1 news, DIY Photography has noticed that a french website has leaked an image of the Panasonic S1H, a model that would be capable of shooting 6K video at 30fps, along with Vlog, V-Gamut, DCI 4K at 60fps, and have a dynamic range of 14 stops. I would imagine that all the features we mentioned above would also be available.

This 3rd box, very oriented cinema and video (more than the S1) announces a world premiere of shock: the video recording in 6K / 24p (in format 3: 2) or 5,9K / 30p (in format 16: 9) . It also announces the C4K / 4K (the famous DCI) in 60p in 10 bits. It also adapts to 4: 3 anamorphic mode. Rumors were running about the arrival of the 8K, or even a GH6, but it will be 6K in Full Format. Not bad… – Magazine Video, Google Translated

The report also states that Panasonic has done some journeyman’s hard work to get the heat dissipation of the S1 down to a minimum in order to make 6K capture have no time limits. That’s exciting.

No word on when the S1H will launch, but the report goes on to say it’ll be the “autumn of  2019.” There’s no price mentioned just yet, either. But I would imagine it’ll be in the same ballpark, under $2,500-3,000. DIYP also states that a mockup of the S1H will be on display this weekend at the Panasonic Booth over at CineGear 2019, in the Paramount Studios in Hollywood. If anyone is there this weekend, snap a pic and send it to us. Or post to twitter with the hashtag #PanasonicS1H and we’ll find it.

Hat Tip – EOSHD

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