Panasonic Unveils 8K Camera with Fujifilm

After five years of development in partnership with Fujifilm, Panasonic has unveiled their new 8K organic camera sensor, originally announced last February. And it’s inside the new AK-SHB810 camera.

The modular AK-SHB810 is designed to shoot in 8K, 4K and HD through a newly developed organic photoconductive film CMOS sensor, which promises high speed noise cancellation, as well as great dynamic range in high contrast and harshly lit scenes. The Panasonic/Fuji SHB810 will also shoot in 60fps and have a global shutter.

Other features include”

  • 8K Resolution

  • 60fps

  • 450k saturation electrons

  • Global shutter functions

  • High-speed noise cancellation technology

  • High saturation technology

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Electronic ND filter function

The AK-SHB810 will also connect to a PL lens mount and will record via Panasonic’s AK-SHU810 processing unit. The camera is primarily designed for broadcast applications, but Panasonic says that there are plans to expand its capabilities to cinema camera applications as well. It is expected to launch in late 2019, so look for it at the Panasonic booth at NAB in the Spring.

Speaking of Panasonic’s cinema camera plans, there’s an emerging rumor brewing that the sensor design used in the new S1R full frame mirrorless camera may be used in a future design which will supplement the Panasonic EVA1 and go after a lower cinema camera category that the Canon C200 enjoys. If Panasonic ever did map out an S1 cinema camera, it would certainly put it in direct competition with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, and the Sony FS7.

The rumor, actually more of a thought experiment, comes from the dvxuser filmmaking community board, which says that the S1 sensor could be the heart of a “perfect filmmakers camera” and could include the following specs:

  • Panasonic S1 FF Sensor

  • Interchangeable L-mount

  • Internal 4K 10bit 4:2:2 Recording without crop

  • Internal 4K Raw without crop

  • Dual IS

  • Dual Pixel AF

  • 5” Daylight viewable Fully articulating touchscreen LCD

  • Built in Electronic ND’s 6-10 stops

  • Wireless Control via smart device

  • Live Streaming

  • 6-7 User assignable function buttons

  • One push AF and Auto Control for run and gun situations

  • L-mount lens

Thing is, I don’t think it exists, except maybe in a Panasonic lab somewhere as a prototype. But it did catch the attention of NoFilmSchool, that it has to have some intrigue as to the possibilities. Personally, I’m not sure that yet another 4K camera will be as sexy as an emerging 8K future, but if it’s low cost to lure those looking to upgrade to a more advanced cinema camera setup, it could find its market. In addition, I think it could also end up cannibalizing the interest in the Panasonic EVA1. Then again, we’ve seen that before from all the major camera manufacturers, who have found a niche for a mid range prosumer cinema camera in between the DSLRs and MILCs, and the higher end cinema rigs. I think it would all come down to price and specs, and if Panasonic pays attention to user forum pipe dreams.

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