Panasonic’s Full Frame 4K Mirrorless Looks to be Awesome

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When the word came down just before Canon announced the EOS R full frame mirrorless camera, that Panasonic was getting into the mirrorless war with a model themselves, it was if they were trying to steal some of Lake Success’ thunder. But now we’re getting word of some specs, and if true, the Panasonic full frame offering could be the best mirrorless camera coming out this year. STRAIGHT UP.

Confirmed and Unconfirmed details of Panasonic FF camera from a mid level Panasonic engineer who worked on early camera development – 43rumors

A list of “confirmed specs” was leaked by 43Rumors from a new internal source with some specs confirmed by a mid level Panasonic engineer. Consequently, it shows, amongst other things, a full frame 4K read out with no crop or pixel binning, and shooting at a very cinematic 24/25p, and 60p, presumably in 1080p. Additionally, the camera will shoot 10 bit 4:2:2 internally.

Other confirmed specs include:

  • Full frame 4K readout with no pixel binning and no crop in 4K 24/25, All-I believed to be around 200mbs
  • Internal 4K 10Bit 4:2:2 recording up to 60p
  • Similar audio adapter to the GH5
  • Adapters will be available for other mounts
  • Weather sealed body (probably shower/splash and dust proof)

Delving into the “unconfirmed” specs of the leak, there is rumored to be a newly developed Panasonic full frame sensor, which some say enjoys about 30mp resolution, but others believe it’ll be much larger, perhaps even up to 64Mp. I’m not buying that many pixels on a full frame sensor because Panasonic wouldn’t want a poorly performing low light camera for the audience this camera will be aimed at, and the news that the video quality of the camera looks to be “exceptional.”

I think more likely a full frame version inspired by the 6K sensor that the GH5s enjoys, that then downscales to 4K for a really buttery image. Plus having a sensor with twice the pixels is just contrary to where the current state of the full frame mirrorless realm is at the moment.

But what I do buy is external 4K Raw recording, and the unfortunate detail that there will be no IBIS for the Leica lenses. 43Rumors does underscore, however, that it is just a pre-release prototype, and early in development. So that could change. I hope so, because like Canon before it, no IBIS would be as disappointing. It will, however, have conventional image stabilization.

Moreover, another detail which I am hopeful for is that, unlike Nikon and Canon, which opted for a single memory card slot, the rumor is that the Panasonic FF GH, will have dual SDXC slots, or, one CFast 2 and one SDXC slot. Either way, you get a backup. That’s sure to make Jared Polin happy.

The other thing that needs to be addressed is, will Panasonic develop their own speed booster like MFT adapter for GH5 users to incorporate their existing glass, or maybe run counter to Nikon and Canon by allowing third party adapters from Metabones and others? That would certainly be interesting since the other full frame mirrorless cameras aren’t cooperating with third parties.

If these specs end up being accurate, then Panasonic is sure to leapfrog over Nikon and Canon, back to it’s place as the #2 mirrorless camera in the market, a hair’s width behind Sony, and if it can shoot 4K Raw, then the only other camera that could be close to it, is the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. But that’s micro 4/3s.

Which leads me to this question … wouldn’t it be cool if BMD got on the full frame wagon?

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