PNY Announces 512GB microSD Media Card For GoPro and Drones

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

It’s a very techy Wednesday, as we finally get around to talking about PNY’s new 512GB microSD media card, surpassing SanDisk’s 400GB microSDXC card by quite a lot. I’m still shaking my head, remembering my first PC and it’s 20MB hard drive!

PNY Elite 512GB microSD Cards provides the capability of saving and storing over 80 hours of Full HD video content, or over 100,000 pictures (at 18MP size), up to 100,000 songs, or any combination that your creative mind can develop. With speeds of up to 90MB/s, PNY Elite 512GB microSD card offers fast transfer speed and the included SD Card Adapter allows you to use it with your DSRL, MIL cameras and others.  – PNY Website

The PNY 512 GN Elite will hold up to 80 hours of video recording in 1080p HD, or about 20 hours of 4K video. It can also store up to 100,000 still images shot at 18mp. The 512 Elite offers greater capacity than SanDisk’s 400GB counterpart, but that additional capacity doesn’t translate into speed, leaving the SanDisk Ultra still leading the pack with 100MB/sec read/write speeds, while The PNY Elite tops out at 90MB/sec. But really, that’s not a lot, and still falls within the UHS-1 U1 Class 10 and V10 speed specification.

Total features:

  • Capacity : 512GB
  • Speed : 90 MB/s
  • Speed Class : Class 10, U1
  • Interface UHS-1
  • Accessories : Includes SD adapter

The microSDXC card will be ideal for action cameras, virtual reality rigs and drones, which utilize microSD card for storage, but the 512 Elite doesn’t come with the mobile centric A1 certification spec, leaving mobile device storage on the outside looking in. Android users who enjoy that SD expansion slot could probably use it, but I’m betting their phones would need a firmware update to be able to read the entire space, if they could be read at all.

No word on availability just yet, but the PNY website does have the option to “add it to your wish list.” But at a price of $349.99, twice that of the SanDisk Ultra 400GB, I’m of the mind that it’s a better idea to wait until the price drops. By then, of course, SD card makers will be breaching 1TB and it’ll start all over again.

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