Premiere Pro CC 101 – Part 15: Basic Audio Mixing, Pt. 1

A new Premiere Pro CC 101 tutorial

By Kevin P. McAuliffe (doddleNEWS)

In this Premiere Pro CC lesson, we’re going to do a two part look at audio mixing inside of Premiere Pro CC 2015. For many editors, audio mixing is something that can be quite daunting, and in part one, I’m going to show you the absolute easiest way to mix your audio, and that is by editing it.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Kevin, you can edit an audio mix!” But in this method, I’m going to show you, you absolutely can. Let’s use the example of having a voice over clip on channel 1, and your music on channels 2 and 3.

Basic Audio Mix
Basic Audio Mix

Many people like to use the “keyframe” method of mixing, and we’ll talk about in the next lesson. But for this lesson, we’re going to use the Razor blade tool, and the cross dissolve to do our audio dip around the voiceover. Simply add an edit just before and just after where the voice over appears, in your music track.

Now, double-click on the audio you want to dip, and drop it’s volume by 8 db. Now, simply add a dissolve to both the first, and last keyframe, and you’re now all set to sit back, it play, and listen to your music dip under your voiceover.

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Kevin P. McAuliffe is one of the Senior Editors at Extreme Reach in Toronto, Canada. His current clients include Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and E1 Entertainment to name a few. You can follow him on Twitter @kpmcauliffe.

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