Premiere Pro CC Tutorial Part 28: Keyframe Animation With Audio Clip Mixer, Pt 1

Premiere-Pro-CC-1A new Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are various methods of animating your audio inside the Audio Clip and Audio Track mixers in Premiere Pro. So, while it is still possible to animate levels and pan in the timeline (see pic below), this is not a very easy way to create keyframes.

Timeline Animation Option

However, if you use the animation options in the Audio Clip mixer, you can save time and also have great visual feedback.

Click to Write Keyframes

Once this keyframe button in Premiere Pro is pushed, you are set up to go and create animation for BOTH the audio level AND the Pan of the track.

However, there is a little ‘gotcha’ with this, in that until you actually make a change, no initial keyframe will be created! So, if you want to make a change over time (animation), then click the keyframe button and wiggle the things you want to animate – level, pan or both – to create an initial keyframe. Then, move the playhead down the clip, and make the changes you want and new keyframes will be created.

Then, to see the animation in the Premiere Pro timeline, open up the audio track to see the clip level line and keyframes (see first pic in this post). And to see the pan keyframes, right-click on the now yellow FX badge, and choose ‘Panner>Balance’.

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