Premiere Pro CC Tutorial Part 31: Audio Track Mixer – Automation Modes, Pt 1

Adobe Premiere ProBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

In this new Premier Pro tutorial, the Audio Track Mixer is where you will find a drop-down menu which by default says ‘Read.’ If you click this drop-down, you will find several other options – ‘Off’, ‘Latch’, ‘Touch’ and ‘Write.’ So what are these modes and how do you use them?

Automation Modes
Automation Modes

Well, if you read my two posts about the Audio Clip Mixer (click here and here), then you may be familiar with some of these options. But in short, they are about track animation. And on that note, I should start by saying that any changes you make with these modes will affect the WHOLE CHANNEL – as this is the Audio TRACK mixer so all clips in that channel will be affected.

I should also say that you don’t really want to be playing with these sliders until your project video editing in Premiere Pro is complete (picture lock). This is because, if you then move clips around after you’ve used these tools, the animation won’t move with the clips, as it is locked to the TRACK and not the CLIP – so this is one of the final jobs in your production.


Animated and Moved after Animation

Finally, before I get into the modes themselves, to see the track-based animation, you need to click the button in the track header and choose from the options shown below. Otherwise, all you will see are CLIP based keyframes and not TRACK based keyframes.

Moved After Animation


Seeing Track Based Keyframes
Seeing Track Based Keyframes

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