Premiere Pro CC Tutorial Pt 26: Audio Mixer Panels Pt 1, Audio Clip Mixer


A new Premiere Pro CC tutorial

By Andrew Devis (doddleNEWS)

If you choose Window>Workspaces>Audio, you will open the Audio Workspace and find a couple of different panels for mixing sound. These include the ‘Audio Clip Mixer’ and the ‘Audio Track Mixer.’

So what’s the difference?

In part 1, I will discuss the Audio Clip Mixer:

Audio Clip Mixer in Premiere Pro
Audio Clip Mixer in Premiere Pro

This mixer allows you to edit the volume or pan of any clip that your PLAY-HEAD IS OVER. This is an important point as you could be tempted to move one of the sliders while the play-head (also known as CTI for Current Time Indicator) is playing over another clip. However, once the CTI moves past the clip you want to adjust and onto another clip in the same audio track – any changes you make to that slider will affect the clip your CTI is over and not the one you started with – so be careful!

While there are other methods to animate the volume and pan of a clip, the clip mixer is very visual and easy to control. In a later Premiere Pro CC tutorial, I will show how to use the animation options in this panel.

So the Clip Mixer is all about the individual clips on the various tracks on your timeline. In the image above, audio tracks A5 and A6 have clips under the CTI and so they are the ones that would be edited if the slider or pan dial is moved.

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