Premiere Pro CC Tutorial Pt 27: Audio Mixer Panels – Pt 2, The Audio Track Mixer


A new Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

In Premiere Pro, if you choose Window>Workspaces>Audio you will open the Audio Workspace and find a couple of different panels for mixing sound. These include the ‘Audio Clip Mixer’ (click here for the tutorial) and the ‘Audio Track Mixer’.

So what’s the difference?

Part 2 – Audio Track Mixer:

Audio Track Mixer
Audio Track Mixer

This Mixer changes and animates the volume and pan of ALL the clips in a given audio track. So, say for example that audio track A1 had lots of different audio clips in it –  then any changes to the Audio Track Mixer for A1 would change the volume, or pan of all of those clips at once.

Additionally, this mixer shows all Submixes and the Master Audio channel, and allows for the addition of track based audio effects and other advanced features, which I’ll cover in later posts.

As with Premiere Pro’s Audio Clip Mixer, both these panels have animation options, which will also be covered in other posts.

One of the hidden things about the Track Mixer is how to see a control for it and any animation in the timeline. If you fully open up an audio track to see all the header controls, you will see a little icon as shown below (you can do this by putting your mouse over the track header and using your scroll-wheel).

This allows you to change the line in the track from clip-based to track-based controls, so you can change the volume for the whole track in the timeline and see any track-based animation keyframes.

Show Clip/Track Keyframe Icon

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