Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 33: Audio Track Mixer – More Options

Adobe Premiere ProBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

In this new Premiere Pro tutorial, I discuss the hidden bit! Yes, it is a feature in Premiere Pro where part of this panel is hidden, and not very easy to find unless you know what to look for.


Hidden Button




This is the area where you can apply audio effects to the whole TRACK as well as create Submix channels and control the levels sent to them!!

Now, in the ‘Effects’ panel in Premiere Pro there, are lots of Audio Effects …

Effects Panel, Audio Effects

But these are the effects you apply to individual clips. Yes, you can shift-select multiple clips in your timeline, and double click an effect from the Audio Effects category to apply it to multiple clips, but that just means you need to edit the effect on each clip separately.

But using the top 5 slots in this hidden part of the Track Mixer allows you to apply the very same effects to the whole track at once, so that all audio clips in the track get the same audio effect applied with the exact same settings!

Example Track Effect Selection

Example track effect selection

Then, once applied – to edit the effect, double click the name and up will come a window with its controls. Alternatively, right-click for more options including: Pre-Fader, Post-Fader, ‘Edit’ (which opens the same pop-up window with the effect settings) and available presets.

Double Click To Apply

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