Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 34: Audio Track Mixer, Submix Pt 1

Adobe Premiere ProBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

While I don’t intend to make these blog posts into advanced audio tips and tricks, Premiere Pro does offer the ability to create and use Submixes inside the Audio Track Mixer which is right under the channel effects – see the last post.

Submix Area
Submix Area

When you select a Submix slot in Premiere Pro, it allows you to create a submix that is suitable for the project you are working on – so mono, stereo, 5.1 and adaptive, which means lots of tracks, but is for more specialist workflows.

Submix Options

Submix Options

Without wanting to go into too much detail, a submix allows you to send the output of your chosen channel into another channel (the Submix). This can then have additional effects applied, before finally being mixed together with everything else through the Master Channel (the final output).

Here are 2 ways you can use a Submix:

1) You send a whole series of different audio channels to a Submix and apply an effect to the submix. This in turn makes sure that all the channels sent to that submix have exactly the same settings applied to them from that effect. This method ensures an equal treatment for all your channels in one simple step.

Where to send the output of the channel

Selecting Where to Send the Output of the Channel
Selecting Where to Send the Output of the Channel

In part 2, I will discuss the second way to use Submixes in Premiere Pro.

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