Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 37: Parametric Equalizer, Pt 1

Adobe Premiere ProBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

As mentioned in previous posts in our ongoing Premiere Pro tutorial series, audio effects can be applied to both individual clips as well as to complete audio tracks such that every clip on that audio track has the same effect at the same levels applied to it.

So, if you have say a ‘talking head’ and you’ve taken multiple different parts of their discussion, and put them on the timeline, rather than applying the Parametric Equalizer to each clip in turn, you will just want to apply the effect to the whole track. This is assuming that the audio was recorded at the same time and isn’t from different microphones in different places.

If this is the case, then click the little arrow at the top of the Audio Track mixer, then the little down arrow at the side of the top slot on the track you want to apply the effect, and select, as shown below.

Choosing the Parametric Equalizer effect

Applying Track Based Parametic Equalizer
Applying Track Based Parametic Equalizer

If you just want it on a single clip, then go to the ‘Effect’ panel, open up ‘Audio Effects’ and look for ‘Parametric Equalizer’ (not ‘Simple Parametric EQ’ which is more of a notch filter).

Assuming we are working on a track level, double click the name in the slot ‘Parametric Equalizer’ and that will open up this UI.


Track Based PE UI
Track Based PE UI

Note at the top that you have a drop-down to select different presets. I always say that a great way to start to learn a tool is to play with the various presets to see what they do and how it changes the settings.

In Part 2 I’ll start to cover the various settings.

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