Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 46: Adaptive Noise Reduction, Pt 1

Adobe Premiere ProBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, I begin a short series on Adaptive Noise Reduction.

Adaptive Noise Reduction In Premiere Pro
Adaptive Noise Reduction In Premiere Pro

Adaptive Noise Reduction Effect in Premiere Pro

This is an advanced noise reduction effect that attempts to look at the whole signal with all its complexity, and form a noise reduction process that works with the signal. It doesn’t actually remove noise (which is called a subtractive process); instead it finds the noise level and the good audio signal level, and attempts to reduce the noise to an inaudible level (an adaptive process).

As with all noise reduction tools and techniques available in Premiere Pro, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. To make this tool work for you (or even to find out if it isn’t suitable), you need to apply the tool and play with its presets and settings to see if it can deal with your issues.

Chances are, 80% to 90% of the time that simply applying the tool and choosing from the preset options at the top (Default, Heavy Noise Reduction and Light Noise Reduction) will solve your issues. But in case you need more options, here’s what to play with to improve your results:

Preset Options
Preset Options

Preset Options

The first slider ‘Reduce Noise By’ is simply the amount you want to reduce the noise by. Interestingly, although the range goes as high as 40dB, the default setting is 20dB, light is 15dB and heavy is 24dB. If you need to go as high as 40dB noise reduction, this will probably have a noticeable effect on the audio itself in Premiere Pro, so try and keep this as low as you can.

Another really important consideration is that sound naturally has noise as part of it, so if you over-do noise reduction, you may make the audio less ‘real’ sounding – so be careful.

More in Part 2.

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