Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 47: Adaptive Noise Reduction, Pt 2

Adobe Premiere ProBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

I continue my discussion on Adaptive Noise Reduction in this Premiere Pro tutorial. Here is part 1.

Adaptive Noise Reduction In Premiere Pro
Adaptive Noise Reduction In Premiere Pro


Bearing in mind that natural audio will probably have some level of noise in it anyway, you need to decide at what level that noise is acceptable, and this takes us to the ‘Noisiness’ slider in Premiere Pro. Again, looking at the presets will tell you a great deal about how much to use this slider. Try moving it to 100% and hear how unnatural the audio becomes. This slider is a coarse adjustment of what is considered noise in the audio; lower figures will allow more noise through, while higher values will consider more of the audio to be noise.

Noisiness Slider

The ‘Fine Tune Noise Floor’ slider in Premiere Pro is something that you need to adjust while you are listening to the audio once you’ve set the Noisiness slider. By moving this slider, you are defining where the noise starts to become audible. Lower values allow more of the noise to go through to the signal. Ideally, you want to move this slider up until the noise you are trying to get rid of just starts to reduce.

Bear in mind that this effect is trying to gauge the level of the noise and the level the good audio, so that it can preserve the good audio and attenuate the noise. So while ‘Fine Tune Noise Floor’ is about the noise level, ‘Signal Threshold’ is about what level the good audio starts.

Sliders to Fine Tune Noise and Signal Levels
Sliders to Fine Tune Noise and Signal Levels

You really need to play with these settings in Premiere Pro to understand how they are affecting your audio. While often the defaults will give good results, learning how these sliders work will help to make your noise reduction much better.

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