Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 49: Send Audio To Audition, Pt 1

Adobe_Audition_CC_LogoBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

With the audio tools in Premiere Pro CC 2017 being so much better than before, you may be excused for wondering why you may still want to send your audio to Audition rather than doing it all in Premiere Pro. Well, the simple answer is that while Premiere Pro’s tools are getting better, Audition still offers a wider range of tools and options.

There are two ways to send your audio to Audition: Firstly, you can ‘right-click’ on any single audio clip in your timeline, or a range of audio clips selected in your timeline, and from the context menu choose ‘Edit Clip in Adobe Audition.’

Edit in Adobe Audition

What Premiere Pro then does is make a copy of the audio clip(s) you are sending over to Audition and names then ‘‘file name’ Audio Extracted.wav’.

Audio Extracted
Audio Extracted

It does this because audio editing inside of Audition is DESTRUCTIVE EDITING! What this means is that when you make changes in Audition’s waveform editor, you are changing the file and should you decide to shut down Audition and open it again, you could not get back to the original state of the file. So, to avoid losing the original, a copy is created called ‘… Audio Extracted,’ which is worked on in Audition and replaces the original(s) in the Premiere Pro timeline.

So, should everything fall apart and you then realize that you need to get back to the original, you can then ‘right-click’ the file in your timeline and choose ‘Restore Unrendered,’ which will bring you back to the original file in your timeline, untouched by any mistakes you may have made in Audition.

Restore Unrendered

To start over, ‘right-click’ the file again in your timeline and select ‘Edit Clip in Audition’ for a new ‘Audio Extracted’ version of the file.

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