Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 51: Unlinking Clips In The Timeline

Adobe Premiere ProBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, I explain unlinking clips in the timeline, and there are a number of reasons why you would want to un-link the video and audio portions of a clip in your timeline.

One example may be to create either a J or an L cut.





The idea behind these is that the audio portion either starts before the video portion (J-cut), allowing you to add say black video and a title in the gap, and to help the audience anticipate what is going to show based on the audio they hear. And the idea behind an L-cut is that the audience have enjoyed your show and you don’t want to cut them off quickly so fade out the video, start to show a credit roll or maybe a logo while the audio continues for a little longer underneath. You could call it a ‘soft-landing.’

To create these ‘on-the-fly,’ you simply hold the ‘Alt’ key and select either the video or the audio portion of the clip. However, there is a ‘gotcha’ in that you need to let go of the ‘Alt’ key once the desired portion is selected, otherwise you may end up duplicating the selected portion. (To duplicate any clip hold the ‘Alt’ key and click and drag the clip).

Once you have selected the portion and let go of the ‘Alt’ key, then trim that portion to whatever length you want. Job done!

However, there is also a ‘Global’ un-link button in the Premiere Pro timeline panel here:

Global unlink button

Global Unlink Button

It is called the ‘linked Selection’ button, and once selected (so it turns grey), you can select any portion of any clip and edit them independently. My advice is to use this with caution, as you could end up messing up your timeline quite quickly if you leave this on. However, as you will see in the next tutorial, Premirre Pro does give you a clear warning and options.

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