Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 54: Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Premiere ProBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

Why use Keyboard Shortcuts in Premiere Pro?

The simple answer is speed. When you start with Premiere Pro (PP), you’ll most likely use the mouse a great deal. But when you start editing more seriously you’ll find the mouse to be frustratingly slow and so you learn the keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

Thankfully, in the latest release of PP Adobe have made finding these shortcuts much easier.

On a Mac, click on the top left ‘Premi,re Pro’ menu and then ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’, while on a PC click ‘Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts’ to get this window.

Keyboard Shortcuts Menu
Keyboard Shortcuts Menu

While this shows you the main keyboard shortcuts at a glance, you can also click on any button to see a detailed description of the shortcut in the lower right hand side dialogue box. For example, I’ve clicked on the ‘Spacebar’ to get this description:

Spacebar Description
Spacebar Description

As you can see, you not only get the main function of the spacebar, you also get shown what happens should you hold modifier keys such as Ctrl (Cmd), Alt, or Shift, along with any combinations. So, for example, we can see that holding the Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) and Shift keys together and spacebar will play In to Out in your timeline.

Not only that, but the search function on the bottom left hand side is really helpful if you want to find out if a keyboard shortcut exits for a function. So, if I type ‘Slide’ in this box I would get the following.

Slide Keyboard Shortcut Options
Slide Keyboard Shortcut Options

In the next tutorial, we’ll look at how to customise these shortcuts.

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