Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 67: Merge Clips To Use High Quality Audio Part 2

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

Merge Clips Dialogue Box

Merge Clips Dialogue Box

Continuing on from the previous blog, we are looking at the last options in the top part of this dialogue box – ‘Audio’.

If you have camera audio (even if it’s not that good), you may wish to try choosing ‘Audio’ (as selected in the image above) which will leave Première Pro to analyse the audio for the camera and the external audio to match the timing perfectly. Although still quite fast, this will be slower than the other methods as some processing is required.

The final option at the bottom of this dialogue box – ‘Remove Audio From AV Clip’ – is important if you want to include or exclude the original camera audio. If you include it, you will end up with a multi-channel audio clip with the advantage of being able to edit the camera audio into the mix which may give you extra options. But if you don’t need the camera audio, you can check this box which will remove the camera audio and replace it with the external audio.

New Linked Clip with Replaced Audio

New Linked Clips with Replaced Audio

However, the length of the clips may then seem different and so you may wish to hold the ALT key to separately trim the audio or video part of the new linked clip for further editing.

Merged and Trimmed Clip

Merged and Trimmed Clips

Note the little check marks at the end of the video to indicate there is no more video and the start of the audio to indicate that this is where the recording began. The different colours for the audio and the video indicate they are separately recorded video and audio portions, however, if you select either part of the clip it will behave like any other linked clip in your timeline.

Merged Lined Clip Selected like any other Clip

Merged Linked Clips Selected Like Any Other Clip in the Timeline

Continued in tutorial #68. And don’t forget to check out our growing list of Premiere Pro tutorials here.




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