Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 71: Ingest Settings Part 4 – When to Use Proxies

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

Last week we took a look at how to take advantage of proxies in the Adobe Premiere Pro workflow. Proxies are designed to give you fast playback, scrubbing and editing. All decisions you make on the proxy will be applied to the original HQ files so that what you export will be based on the original files but with the editing decisions you made on the proxies.  But when is the best time to use proxies, and when shouldn’t you? That’s what we’re talking about this week.

Proxy Presets

Proxy Presets

In editing, playback etc is the perfect use for a proxy – and, proxies aren’t just for 4K files, you can create proxies of HD footage which on less powerful machines can really speed the workflow up once all the proxies have been rendered in Media Encoder (which is usually quite fast).

However, you wouldn’t want to use proxies for any kind of colour work. The reason for this is that the proxy is a good representation of the original file but lots of good data has been thrown away with the aim of making files that play back quickly. Colour work requires this data and any decisions you make based on a proxy is always a gamble. While it may work, it probably won’t – so don’t colour correct or grade on proxies – always use the original files.

Can I turn Proxy Creation off?

Yes, and while you can always go to File>Project Settings>Ingest Settings and turn the checkbox off, the simpler way is to go to the ‘Media Browser’ panel and turn off the checkbox there.

Ingest Checkbox in Media Browser Panel

The Checkbox in the Media Browser Panel

If you un-check that box, ingest settings are disabled so no proxies, copying or transcoding will take place. Note: The little spanner next to the checkbox will open the ‘Ingest Settings’ panel so you can change you setting if needed.

Next week, we move on to exporting stills and how you can change history’s undo settings. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our growing list of Premiere Pro tutorials here.




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