RED and NVidia Bring RED Cine-X 8K Workflows to the Masses

RED has announced that thanks to their partnership with NVidia, their latest RED Cine-X Pro Software for Windows has come out of Beta and is ready for prime time. And what that means is, the rest of us can get into an 8K workflow for an affordable price.

The main idea here is that RED R3D files will now be encoded using GPU processors, rather than the computer processors that R3D has relied on in the past. That required higher end machines that cost tens of thousands to handle the 8K workload.

RED Fire Chief Jarred Land has been trying to bring REDCode Raw to all platforms for nearly a decade, and he’s thrilled that by working with NVidia, RED can now be used by more than just higher end cinema applications. “Once you take that card out and put it into a computer, fighting to get real time playback was always a struggle,” Land said in a recent talk. “We made the Rocket because we had to do it, and the Rocket-X was more expensive. But at that time, we had to do it.” Land then added that once NVidia stood up to help break the logjam, the end result of using NVidia GPUs to do the work came in a matter of months.

Check out his talk with NVidia director of Media Partnerships John Ison here –

Users will no longer have to rely on expensive RED Rocket GPU cards to handle the unpacking of the files before playback, which  admitted was a stupid and expensive solution that had to be created at the time. Now, those days are behind us. The best results can be achieved on NVidia’s Quadro RTX cards, but thanks to NVidia’s CUDA processing Titan, and even higher end GEForce graphics cards can offer manageable 8K workflows in real time for playback and transcoding.

Obvious benefits to this new hardware/software application for your workflow include:

  • 8K real-time 30 fps or greater playback performance
  • Up to 10x faster transcoding, depending on the format and content
  • Improved efficiencies and quality control within the content review process
  • Creative freedom using flexible R3D files instead of proxy files

And that’s only the beginning. By announcing the availability of the Red Cine-X Pro SDK, RED and NVidia hope to bring editing and other applications to the NLE of your choice in the near future.

Here’s the latest on the RED Cine-X Build:

  • Added: Windows accelerated R3D decompression on supported NVIDIA CUDA GPUs
  • Added: Chroma Noise Reduction in IPP2 (On/Off)
  • Added: Flashing Pixels (Off, Mild, Medium, Strong)
  • Added: Image: Noise Reduction Panel
    • NOTE: Image Noise Reduction features are only available in Full Debayer for the Viewer Window and in Full and Half Premium Debayer for Export
    • NOTE: To add/remove panels, right-click in a panel and select a panel from the drop-down menu.
  • Added: New half resolution premium debayering in IPP2
  • Added: HDR support for select AJA and Blackmagic Design devices
  • Added: Viewer Window IPP2 / Primary Development Only view toggle
  • Added: REDline CDL export
  • Added: REDline Primary Development Only export
  • Added: Monitor Out preferences page
  • Added: Left and Right frame cropping
  • Added: Startup splash screen
  • Enhanced: Cleaned up the default REDCINE-X Pro Home Page
  • Enhanced: ProRes 4444 XQ no longer restricted to just log output
  • Enhanced: ProRes encoder now sets Rec.2020 and HDR-2084 metadata
  • Enhanced: Creative 3D LUT ALT-key Preview mode lock
  • Fixed: RMD file Creative 3D LUT fixes
  • Fixed: Marker loading issues

Unfortunately, Apple users are mostly left out in the cold for this development, since the Apple platform relies on AMD GPUs. But Land came up with a workaround about two years ago, thanks to an update to NVidia’s drivers. He simply blew the dust off his old cheese grater MacPro from 2010, and gave it an upgrade. It wasn’t cheap, but it was workable. Check that out here.

So now that RED has removed a major barrier for content creators to shoot on the RED 8K platform, how many of you are going to give an 8K RED workflow a go?

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