RED Donates $700,000 In Camera Gear To USC Film School

Image: Jarred Land, RED
Image: Jarred Land, RED

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

George Lucas. Rian Johnson. John Milius. Robert Zemeckis. These are just a few of the noteworthy directors who have had an impact on the industry. They also went to USC School of Cinematic Arts. And considering birds of a feather flock together, it’s no surprise RED would want to support such a trailblazing curriculum with a huge gift of film gear.

“RED has always been committed to supporting emerging filmmakers. To have the opportunity to help advance the technology available to the students of one of the premier Cinematic Arts institutions in the world is something we are very excited about.” – says Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema, via RedShark News

Since its inception 1929, the USC School for Cinematic Arts has graduated more than 13,000 animators, scholars, teachers, writers, directors, cinematographers, and even video game designers. Offering comprehensive programs in directing, producing, writing, cinema and media studies, animation and digital arts, production, interactive media and even video game development, students learn from leading practitioners in each field. Even our own Larry Jordan teaches at USC, as well. The school also has quite a run going, since 1973, there has been a USC Alumni nominated for an Academy Award or Emmy without a break.

redusc001With that kind of pedigree, it makes sense RED would want to have a hand in training the next generations of filmmakers, many of whom will end up as dedicated clients in the future. To that end, the company has gifted to the USC School of Cinematic Arts over $700,000 in cinema camera systems and accessories, with which to produce school film and video projects, with advanced students being the first to get their hands on RED’s top of the line Epic and Weapon platforms.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to exploit the unique filmmaking capabilities of the RED Digital Cinema camera in the production of our student projects,” says Professor Michael Fink, Division Chair in Film & Television Production. “This means more students will get more exposure to these fine cameras on a regular basis, expanding their facility in cinematography.  We’re very much looking forward to seeing the stories the students create with our new RED cinema cameras.”

Short on details as to what cameras students will be shooting on, I’m wondering if RED’s plan all along was to regift older 4K Epics and RED One’s which users traded in for the RED Weapon and Dragon upgrades, or if RED is giving the students RED RAVEN, SCARLET and Helium models with which to cut their teeth on for shooting their student films. But there are also accessories, presumably RED’s line of REDMAG SSD drives, RED Modules and displays, REDVOLT batteries, and everything in between. With $700,000 in gear to play with, there’s bound to be a little bit of everything.

It sure is a far cry from the days of Lucas shooting THX 1138 on 16mm, that’s for sure. It’ll be interesting to see what the future has in store with the next generation of digitally-centric artists who will no doubt flock to the school to shoot on RED’s best.

Meanwhile, they can head over to RED’s YouTube Channel, where the company has uploaded some new RED Tech Videos on how to use them. The new batch includes training on how prepare REDs DSMC2 line of cameras, integrating the module tools and how to set up their RED Touch LCD Monitors and user interfaces. Check it out here.

Hat Tip: RedShark News


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