RED Hydrogen Faces Another Delay

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

When you’re creating a game changing technology that will open up new genres for filmmakers to mine, the specter of delays is all but inevitable. Already faced with holding up the launch for the Hydrogen One 4v smartphone, RED founder Jim Jannard opened up on why the launch of the phone will once again be pushed to the Fall. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Late and better is better than just late.” You are way overdue for an update.  Since most of you are RED customers and many have placed preorders, I am going to go into a bit more detail than I would normally. You deserve it. The launch has been pushed back for two reasons… actually several, but two main reasons. – Jim Jannard, RED User Forums

Jim Jannard took to the RED User Forums to let Hydrogen preorder backers know that carrier certification continues to be a drag on the release schedule, as the launch date is largely dependent on when cellular carriers want to carry the 4V cellphone. “In the end, the launch date has been pushed back to August,” Jannard wrote. “The final date will be determined by the carriers and announced as soon as they make the call.”

Mockup of Hydrogen One Holographic display.
Image Credit – Android Authority

Faced with delays by the carrier to certify the phone RED was able to improve the overall design of its 4 view camera array. Jannard was happy to announce that with the extra time, RED has been able to add native 4V shooting on both the dual rear and front facing cameras, without the need of an expensive external module. At that time, 4V processing would require the cloud, which caused the phone to work slower than Jannard would like.

But now, RED has created a new method to handle the entire 4V capture and processing on the phone itself. “with a lot of hardware and software work, you shoot 4V realtime on the phone both sides,” Jannard reported. “You monitor your cameras in 4V. You can Face Chat in 4V realtime. You can post 4V immediately. When you shoot, you also get a companion 2D file in your gallery. Of course, you can still select and shoot just 2D.”

Jannard said that even though the ability to shoot native 4V added development time to the schedule beyond what they had promised, he made the call in order to improve the overall design of the Hydrogen platform. “I am quite sure it was the right decision to push the launch if only for this,” Jannard added. “There are several other significant improvements that we were able to implement given the extra time.”

Consequently, the news makes me wonder if this new technology is not only due to the extra delay, but also thanks to a new partnership with Facebook in creating a 4v based virtual reality camera. It’ll be interesting to see how they’re related.

Moreover, Jannard also announced that preorders will still go out before the launch, as promised, and that there will be an event at RED Studios on May 19th, from 4-10pm, where interested filmmakers will be able to view advanced working prototypes of the Hydrogen phone and users will be able to view 4v content as well.

You can bet that I’ll be there, if at all possible. If any phone can bring me back to the Android platform, it’s this one, and I can’t wait to see if it delivers.



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