RED: HYDROGEN ONE Smartphone Delayed Until At Least Summer


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

The game changing HYDROGEN ONE smartphone that RED thinks will not only reset the board on mobile phones, but also for controlling your cinema camera, will be delayed until at least summer. Is Hydrogen’s stunning holographic display having hiccups? Nothing so dramatic. But carriers are taking their time certifying it for use on their networks.

Launch date is uncertain due to supply chain issues and carrier certification. Now shooting for a date in summer so carriers can launch at the same time. Preorders will still ship prior to launch. – Jim Jannard, REDUser Forums

While RED founder Jim Jannard wrote in REDUSER Forums that there are some undescribed supply chain issues, he also mentioned carrier certification issues, which is usually what holds up game breaking mobile designs, as carriers want to be sure that their networks want to be sure the data flow from these devices are transmitted in a standard, consistent manner. Jannard goes on to say that the revised goal is to ship Hydrogen by summer, with preorders going out before the official launch.

HYDROGEN is a Media Machine …

Mockup of Hydrogen One Holographic display.
Image Credit – Android Authority

Jannard also took the time to update Users on how bright the Hydrogen holographic display is in various modes. “The display is very bright and crisp 2560×1440 in 2D mode with no negative effect from the 4V nanotech display component,” Jannard said.

But let’s face it, 2D isn’t what users are lining up to buy HYDROGEN ONE for. They want to know if Hydrogen’s game changing holographic mode will make screen brightness take as well. Jannard admitted that brightness does drop when displaying the holographic image, but when you consider that its a glasses free experience, it’s a trade off users will be more than willing to make. “In 4V mode, the brightness does drop, but a beautiful show-stopping glasses-free, better than 3D image comes to life,” Jannard said. “Think being immersed in… not just looking at”.

HYDROGEN ONE’s twin cameras enable users to shoot 3D to 4V content in landscape, without addition accessories or modules, while getting a standard 2D file in the gallery for standard options. users will also be able to shoot 3D-4V selfies in portrait mode. Jannard also mentioned that the phone is a bit bigger and heavier than other cell phone designs, which have become obsessed being thinner and lighter.

Jannard said with a larger, heavier landscape, the RED has been able to build in better speakers for spatial sound, as well as a bigger battery (4500mA) for longer battery life. Lastly, the design is rounded out with a headphone jack and easy to access external SIM slash micro SD card slot.

Jannard also mentioned that RED’s HYDROGEN Network will be ready at the time of launch, and that’s where users will not only be able to enjoy 4V content of gaming, documentaries, and the look, but also be able to contribute and sell their own 4V content on the network.

But what I found interesting, is that Jannard also confirmed that RED is developing both professional AND consumer grade cameras to support Hydrogen’s 4v video capabilities. So users will be able to get in on the ground floor with RED sooner, rather than later, and it sounds like RED is planning to lead the charge with holographic content creation.

So we have to wait until summer, but if the HYDROGEN ONE display matches the stunning look that David Fincher gave when seeing it for the first time, I’m pretty sure everyone will consider it a distant memory by then.




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