Certification Issues Cause Another RED Hydrogen One Delay

I’ve said it many times … making new technology is hard. Making game changing technology is even harder. Such is the case with RED’s New Hydrogen One smartphone, which was due to be released next month. Now, after an unspecified “certification issue,” it looks like the RED’s new holographic smartphone is going to be delayed, again. Moreover, there’s no word on when it’ll be coming.

“Hasn’t been a very good couple of weeks. We have been pushed back in certification and the carriers are allocating a new launch window. Not likely to be pretty …. not sure when I have been this frustrated. – Jim Jannard, Hydrogen’s H4VUser Forums

Responding to a question regarding an update to the Hyrogen One delays, Jannard said that a certification issue pertaining to the design of the RED Hydrogen One and its innovative 4V holographic display had derailed the hoped for August launch date. The phone’s July launch had already slipped, and with the latest issue, Jannard admitted that the carriers are filling their launch date with another product.

Mockup of Hydrogen One Holographic display.
Image Credit – Android Authority

Details are scarce, though Studio Daily reports that the certification issue was related to a critical part in the phone, but he doesn’t go into by whom. Is it a federal compliance issue? Or a carrier certification? Or could be on the part of the Android operating system? I doubt that last one, Based on Studio Daily’s report, since the certification seems to be hardware related, that may point to the federal government’s UL compliance standards. But that’s sheer speculation on my part.

We want to release as soon as we get through certification and both carriers can agree on the launch date. This last setback was a bad one. It completely screwed up timing for everything. We are now in the hands of the certification Gods and the carriers. Feeling pretty helpless right now. Jim

Consequently, all Jannard would add was that the “setback is a really bad one” and that RED will have to surmount the issue and get certification before they can go to the two carriers that had signed on to offer Hydrogen to set up a new launch date. The carriers that have signed on for Hydrogen One’s launch date are AT&T and Verizon.

The delay also represents a serious setback for the Red Hydrogen Network, which would be a content creation portal for creatives who will use RED’s innovative 4 view technology to make immersive videos that can be purchased online.

Jannard is no stranger to technical delays, however, reminding users that it’s often part of the development process. “… all I can say is this is exactly the same situation we were in when we announced the RED ONE,”Jannard wrote in the REDUser Forums. “We had no idea what we were doing, no clue about the cinema industry, etc.”

During the first delay, RED had a user night at RED Studios, giving shooters who preordered the Hydrogen One smartphone a chance for some hands on time with prototypes. Many were mightily impressed and walked away knowing that the delay would only serve to make the design even better. Now, with the second delay threatening a potentially indefinite amount of time, Jannard is hinting another event may be forthcoming.  “If we get a significant delay… we will have a “taste and smell” day at Red Studios, well before launch,” quipped Jannard.

Is this bad news? Well it’s hard to think that it isn’t. Even Jannard admits that it is.  But it is what it is. As I stated when starting this post, making great technology is hard. It’s a bumpy road with blind curves and unexpected detours. The important thing is not to be impatient in the development process. That can kill something before it even gets launched.

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