Report: Canon Quickening Development of Pro EOS-R Mirrorless Camera

With Nikon coming out with a new pro level Z 9 mirrorless camera, it seems that the pressure is on for Canon to pick up the pace and release their pro level mirrorless camera, which some believe may be based on the EOS 1D X Mk. II (or III), but without a shutter.

The sheer reality is that with Nikon’s Z series mirrorless surpassing the Canon EOS R in picture quality and sales, users have placed it firmly off the podium in fourth place, also behind Sony and Panasonic respectfully. That leaves Canon on the outside looking in, with the potential to fall further behind should Nikon come out with the Z 9 by the fall.

Why the rush? Well, as we wrote last Friday, the 2020 Summer Olympics are just a year away and both Nikon and Canon will have a heavy presence for the games, giving pros  a warehouse of camera bodies, lenses, and support during the two week sporting event. So, if Nikon is pushing to get a full frame mirrorless on the market before Tokyo in July, you can bet that Canon is looking to see what they can do to keep pace, or better yet, leapfrog them in the professional market.

The thing is, though, the talk is that the EOS R Pro model may be based on the Canon 1D X Mk. II or III, and that could mean that Canon may be tempted to cut a few developmental corners by putting a mirrorless sensor on a DSLR body with the shutter removed.  Since Canon is planning to launch the EOS 1D X III at the same general time frame, it could be the quickest way to do it.

But that would assume that Canon hasn’t been developing a pro model since it launched the EOS R last year. But we reported a few weeks after the EOS-R and the EOS-RP were launched that Canon had a pro model in development. With the time frame as it is, you can bet that there are several prototypes already in the wild, being tested.

So I’m not buying the rumors that Canon is trying to cut corners. It would not only be disastrous for them, but it would also be rather uncharacteristic for a company known for it’s conservative camera design ethic, to throw the hail mary pass in such a manner.

More likely, I think that like the Nikon Z series, and the Canon EOS R line, which were launched within days of each other, both Nikon and Canon are simply on parallel development paths and we’ll likely see them push out their professional models just in time for the torch to be lit in Tokyo next summer.

One thing is certain though, it sure as hell better not record 4K only in a cropped mode.

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