Review – LUTPro: Normalize and Color Grade LOG-Format Clips

lutpro-iconBy Jay Connor (doddleNEWS)

LUTPro is a plugin for Final Cut Pro X, allowing editors to quickly normalize and color correct footage filmed in log format, such as RED IPP2, Blackmagic and more. Included in this affordable yet powerful plug-in are pro-level color correction tools and a white balance feature. Let’s dive in.

We here at doddleNEWS are big fans of the plugins CrumplePop makes. We’ve reviewed several of them, such as EchoRemover and AudioDenoise. In addition to their sound correction plugins, which quickly correct many common audio issues, they also have some tools to help on the visual side. AutoWhiteBalance and BetterStabilizer are just two of the many video plugins they offer.

Which brings us to LUTPro. If you’re filming in LOG-format, including C-Log from Canon, and the above-mentioned formats, you need a way to quickly and efficiently normalize and color grade your footage shot in LOG-format.

What is log format? Once the domain of super-expensive cameras, you can now find the format in affordable cameras like those from Blackmagic and DSLRs and mirrorless. And even some pricier offerings from RED and Canon. It’s a way to preserve and increase your dynamic range, tone, and much more. For a detailed explanation, check out this explanation from B&H.

LUTPro Controls

But when you see the footage, it’s pretty bland and dark, because you need to format and grade it. LUTPro makes it easy to do this; you simply drop the plugin onto your footage in Final Cut Pro X, and select your LUT file – the camera / format it was filmed on – and it instantly looks better. You can then fine tune the LUT mix, select manual or auto white balance, adjust the temperature, lift, gamma, gain, density and saturation.

LUT Files

For my test, I used my iPhone X with FiLMiC Pro, and upgraded to include the LOG format, which gives me more dynamic range. For the XS, XR and XS Max, it gets 12 stops of dynamic range – WOW! Anyway, I filmed a wide shot of theme park as we left, then loaded the clip from FiLMiC Pro to my Mac via iTunes, and then into Final Cut Pro X to edit.

It was really easy to just drop the plugin and select camera (I used Black Magic 4K Film to Rec709), and it instantly looked better. I did a little fine tuning, and it looks pretty good for such a quick shot and correction with LUTPro. Part of the sky still looks blown out on the left, but that’s because clouds were moving in. Take a look:

CrumplePop’s LUTPro can do all that, and it only costs $99, a true bargain. If you’re filming in LOG format and editing on Final Cut Pro X, it’s a no-brainer. It quickly normalizes clips, gives you an easy way to fix white balance, and you can do some pretty decent color grading to your footage. You can find out more and purchase here.

Tech Specs

  • Editing Platform: Final Cut Pro X
  • Hardware requirements: Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, 2GB RAM
  • OS requirements: macOS v10.11 or better
  • Supported codecs: All codecs supported by Final Cut Pro X
  • Supported resolutions: All resolutions supported by Final Cut Pro X
  • Software requirements: Final Cut Pro 10.2.2
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