Robo 3D Hits Kickstarter Goal For New 3D Printers In Hours, Announces Stretch Offer

Robo C2 Robo R2By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Robo 3D’s latest Kickstarter for their second generation R2 3D printer is going well, having not only made their goal in less than three hours, but have since tripled it. Now, with a week left, they are announcing a new stretch incentive for backers by offering both the R2 and C2 printers together at a low priced package.

“When we started this business at a dining room table nearly four years ago—just three people with a big idea—we never believed our company would quickly grow to take consumer 3D printing to the next level.  That success is due in large part to having the best community and customers in the world—who push us to do great things and make amazing products. We can’t thank you enough… ” – Braydon Moreno, Co-Founder Robo 3D

The hallmark of the second generation Robo 3D printers is that users will be able to find and print 3D models directly from their mobile devices. You won’t need a desktop at all to print. You just find your 3D model online, save it to Google Drive or Dropbox, and then, using the app, available when the printers ship, access the model and send it wireless to the R2 or C2 printers.

Check out how the mobile interface works below:

Now this isn’t to say that it only works with smartphone or tablet, far from it. The Robo 3D printers will also work with Robo’s own slicing software (based on the Cura engine), as well as a color touch screen on the printers themselves. You can just save their models onto a thumb drive, plug them into the R2 or C2 and then use the touch screen to slice and print.

Robo R2 C2Other features of both printers include:

Specs of the Robo C2:

  1. Engineered to fit anywhere in your home or workplace
  2. Efficient 5” x 5” x 6” print size
  3. 3.5” built-in color touch screen
  4. Class-leading print speed
  5. Automatic self-leveling
  6. Prints 20+ materials types that don’t require a heat bed

Specs of the Robo R2:

  1. Built for serious printing
  2. Sizable 8” x 8” x 10” print size
  3. 5” built-in color touch screen
  4. On-board camera for remote print monitoring
  5. Class-leading print speed
  6. Removable, heated and automatic self-leveling print bed
  7. Ability to add an additional extrusion head and print two materials at once
  8. Prints 30+ materials types

“We’re in full-scale production, and set for general market release in November for Robo C2—with Robo R2 not far behind in January 2017.”

The new deal will give backers the Robo C2 and Robo R2 together for a super early bird price of $1499, which is cheaper than many 3D printers at this level of performance. Robo 3D says that backers who take advantage of this early bird offer will receive the smaller desktop C2 before Christmas, while the R2 is scheduled to ship right after the first of year. But you have act fast, their Kickstarter campaign ends in seven days.

I’ve been using the R1+ since April and have practically printed nonstop since then, and have printed literally hundreds of props and costume pieces, perfect for film or video work, or Cosplay. Robo 3D makes a robust printer with a huge build plate and plenty of features, and I’m really looking forward to what the R2 is going to bring to the party. And having a 3D printer like it is a must for any serious filmmaker looking to amp up their production value while keeping development costs low.

For more information, visit their Kickstarter page here or

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