Robo Goes Back to Kickstarter With New Line Of 3D Printers

robo3dr2c2By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

3D printers. They’re going to change the world. I think that they will become one of those products where you won’t remember what your life was like before they became mainstream. So when Robo went back to not only the drawing board, but to crowdfunding with their next generation 3D printers, it’s one of those things I pay closer attention to.  Why? Because they’re going to be the way we get our props, our gear, and … well, just about everything.

“We’ve redesigned our printer from the inside out and see it as an incredible opportunity to continue pushing boundaries. Robo C2 and Robo R2 will continue empowering people to make the imagined real as they bring their ideas to life with our simple-to- use technologies and create anything from prototypes of new products, to household items, to customized and personalized pieces. We know the future of 3D printing is bright and that future’s now with these two new products…” – Braydon Moreno, co-founder of Robo

r2c2Setting as their goal to make 3D printer more accessible, Robo has designed the C2 and it’s larger cousin the R2, next generation printers that will have as the centerpiece the ability to print objects from a smart phone.  With this capability, users will be able to capture, download and print 3D objects including prototypes, parts, household items, and other necessities that you’d rather not go to a store or buy online to get.

Engineered to fit on the desktop, but to give you the largest printing space possible, the Robo C2 and R2 printers are ready to print right out of the box from either their new Desktop application (based on their modified version of Cura) or with a mobile device.

Specs of the C2 include:

  1. Engineered to fit anywhere in your home or workplace
  2. Efficient 5” x 5” x 6” print size
  3. 3.5” built-in color touch screen
  4. Class-leading print speed
  5. Automatic self-leveling
  6. Prints 20+ materials types that don’t require a heat bed

Specs of the R2 include:

  1. Built for serious printing
  2. Sizable 8” x 8” x 10” print size
  3. 5” built-in color touch screen
  4. On-board camera for remote print monitoring
  5. Class-leading print speed
  6. Removable, heated and automatic self-leveling print bed
  7. Ability to add an additional extrusion head and print two materials at once
  8. Prints 30+ materials types

roboappThe app lets you connect and print, as well as monitor the progress, pause to change out filaments, and even connect to 3d model libraries in the cloud and print directly to them. You can even order more supplies.   Other features with the app will include:

  1. Connect and print right from your mobile device
  2. Monitor the progress of every print
  3. Control your printer from anywhere with Wi-Fi
  4. Manage multiple prints and printers at once
  5. Manual control panel lets you handle every detail with precision
  6. Connect to cloud libraries and access thousands of 3D models
  7. Make in-app purchases (filaments, accessories, print kits and more)
  8. Alerts you when your object is finished
  9. Access support and tutorials from within the app
  10. Use it to control any Octoprint Enabled 3D Printer*

Why is this important to the filmmaker? Well, props for one. Creating your own props and replicating them can reduce costs over buying or renting them. Plus, if you’re making a prop that is unique to your story and universe, print a 3D prototype will enable you to then cast it and make as many copies as you want, or refine the design and print it again. You won’t have to wait for someone else to print it out and ship it to you. But there’s custom filmmaking gear. All too often, filmmakers end up creating their own gear born out of the tried and true notion “there has to be a better way…” A 3D printer helps to do that as well. Or maybe you lose or break a part that you can’t replace? I’ll give you a perfect example. I lost a quick release plate over the weekend. So I’m printing one up on my 3D printer. I’ll have a replacement in an hour.

Three years ago, Robo started their journey on Kickstarter and has built a dedicated base of users who back their vision for a faster, easier 3D printer. Now they’re back on the crowdfunding site to give their backers the ability to get a new R2 or C2 printer before they hit the stores in November. The C2 will retail for $699, but during their Kickstarter campaign, you can pick one up for an early bird price of as low $499. The R2 will retail for $1299, but is available starting at $999 through Kickstarter.  Check it out here or at

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