Royalty Free Music For Your Film, Written By A Computer

jukedeckBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Making a film is a ton of work and a very collaborative medium. You need to work with a crew, actors, and musicians to put together an independent movie. Well, it seems there’s less dependency on that last one.

Last year a company called Jukedeck won at TechCrunch Disrupt in London when they launched their site. They use an artificial intelligence to write music which is royalty free for anyone to use. Here are the highlights of the past 365 of the service being live:

Jukedeck was founded by Ed Rex, a Cambridge University music graduate and published composer for a specific reason. He wanted to give video creators a tool that will allow them to create music in an instant without going through the headaches of licensing. Here’s what he said:

“If you’re making a video, the process of sourcing and editing music is broken. Searching through stock audio libraries takes hours, it’s expensive and the copyright and royalty restrictions are confusing. Our goal is to fix that. We want to give video creators a tool that lets them make the music they want in an instant. We want to make getting the right music as quick and as easy as possible.”

In the last few days we’ve featured a really cool app called Filmstro, which allows filmmakers to compose their own scores using musical cues written by musicians. Jukedeck is sort of the anti-version of that, where you lose quite a bit of the fine control, but the music is purely written by a computer.

I’ve tested out the site, and I have to say that the music isn’t bad. There is enough control to get a piece of music up to five minutes long at various tempos, but sometimes Jukedeck spits out something unusable, which means you’ll have to do the whole process again.

The music is made from virtual instruments, so some of the genres like rock and folk don’t fare that well. The lead instruments also tend to sound like a single note being plucked at 1/8th notes, which gets a bit grating in my ears. Your best bet is to stick to the ambient, cinematic, and piano genres for film, or to use the music as a temp track that you can bring to an actual composer.

What I can see happening in the near future is, hopefully, they’ll be able to add the features found on Filmstro to this platform. If Jukedeck can work out the logistics for that, then this would be one of the most powerful and robust ways of adding music to video ever conceived.

You can use Jukedeck completely free right from their site at

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