Rumor: Canon Set To Launch C200 4K Cinema Camera

Could Canon be planning to replace the C100 MK. II with a 4K C200?

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

If a rumor turns out to be true, then Canon is planning on a very busy summer. First we reported yesterday that a Canon EOS 6D MK. II could be making its way into the market by August, and now a long running rumor of a new Canon C200 to replace the C100 MK. II has returned, and it’s bringing 4K along with it.

The rumor of a C200, which would fit between the entry level C100 and the C300, has been floating around since 2014. But instead of a C200, Canon released a C100 MK. II last year, with upgrades to the C300 MK. II, as well. So it seemed back then that there was really no room for a 200 series cinema camera in the product lineup. But then Canon launched the C700 4K cinema camera.

The C100 MK. II

So now, could a C200 actually be coming? Well, maybe, and if it does, there’s good reason Canon plans to bring 4K into the feature set. But there’s a few questions that come along with it…

First, why is it that Canon didn’t announce the C200 at NAB? Canon Watch states that the stage was set for such an announcement since Canon had already released firmware updates that brought C-Log to the 5D MK. IV. With that hype buzzing in Vegas, Canon could have taken that momentum and launched the C200 with pretty good fanfare. They certainly were well represented at the booth, with standing room only.

There’s also the argument that NAB is filled with product announcements, and to launch a new camera, that might actually replace the C100 MK. II in the product lineup, could get lost in the noise. You’ll recall that Blackmagic announced the URSA Mini Pro in early March 2017, saving DaVinci Resolve 14 for NAB last month.

But I don’t think so. What might be more likely is the C200 just wasn’t ready for prime time, and if Canon is going to announce it, they may be waiting for Cine Gear next month, or perhaps IBC in Europe in September, because it could make a larger splash. Or, maybe even Photokina, but I doubt that since that convention is largely still image centric.

Another question: What features will it contain? Well that depends on if Canon is planning to add a camera to the Cinema EOS lineup, or replace the C100 MK. II outright. The C100 MK. II is a 1080p cinema camera, and even if Canon wanted to make a MK. III, would it give it a 4K upgrade or merely just rebrand it?

The scuttlebutt is that it will be a 4K cinema camera, which will in essence replace the C100 MK. II as Canon’s lower-end cinema camera platform (which does away with the old C50 rumor). That could be, but I don’t think it would right away. Canon tends to take incremental steps on the upgrade trail, not sweeping changes, and removing the C100 from the list would definitely be considered sweeping. So I feel the C200 would join the C100 MK. II and other Cinema EOS cameras.

But if a new camera is coming, here’s the buzz over what specs a C200 could have (via Premium Beat):

  1. 4K video recording up to 60fps
  2. 1080p up to 120fps
  3. Super 35mm CMOS Sensor
  4. PL + EF Mount
  5. ISO 100-102,400
  6. CFast + SD Card Slots
  7. XF-AVC/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264/ProRes
  8. C-Log
  9. RAW capture with external recorder

In addition, there’s talk that Canon is working on a new anamorphic lens for the Cinema EOS family, and it could also be announced alongside the C200, and if it does, the cost is likely to be under $10,000, putting it squarely in the entry-level window for Canon’s Cinema line. But again, the C200 has been talked about since 2014, so let’s not look for pre-orders just yet.

Sources: Canon WatchPremium Beat, Canon Rumors

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