Rycote Unveils Super-Shield Kit Blimp Kit

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

With an iconic pill design, you wouldn’t think there would be a lot of opportunity to improve on the design of a microphone blimp shield. I mean, it is what it is. But Rycote may have done just that with the Super-Shield Blimp’s modular design that will give the shooter options.

If you’re a RØDE user like me, you are quite familiar with Rycote, as their shock mount keeps our microphones free from movement and jiggling noise thanks to the lyre design that’s added to the VideoMic system. Made out of high impact plastic, it can definitely keep the microphone from banging around.

But Rycote also makes a lot of other microphone accessories, including their Super-Shield Microphone Blimp that adds a extra measure of protection for shotgun mics on location in the great outdoors. The cool thing about the SuperShield is that it’s got a modular design. It has two section pods that twist off, a short back end pod, for where you insert your shotgun, and the larger front pod.

Both can be removed, and that means if you get a second short back end, like Cheesy Cam discovered recently, you can create a smaller blimp for use with a shorter microphone option, without cutting down your blimp and ruining it. ” I wanted to build out a small blimp (it’s been very windy lately),” Cheesy writes. “So I decided to buy the Rycote Super-Shield Kit and purchased an extra small pod to get it exactly the way I wanted.”

Cheesy says that runners and gunners want to have a smaller footprint, and that includes a more simplified audio system. Sure, you can go with a lav mic or wireless kit, but also using a smaller microphone, and a short boom pole stick, can give you the option of a blimp enclosed smaller microphone for grabbing interviews at a conference, wedding or other event, without the need of excessive setup.

All you need is the kit itself, and an extra smaller end.  Then, all you need is a smaller furry dead cat to enclose it! The Super-Shield kit will set you back about $299 at B&H, plus the cost of a secondary rear pod for an extra $50.  Total cost, about $350. That may be a bit pricey, but it certainly gives you options, if you’re running and gunning at a wedding and you don’t want to stick a huge pill in someone’s face, but you still want to grab better audio.

“It’s certainly an investment to ensure you’re getting better audio,” Cheesy says, “but if you think you’re getting to that level of production, but want to keep your gear small, I think this setup is a great addition that should last for many many years.”

Great idea, Cheesy!






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