Screenwriting 101: My Movie Has Been Made, Now What?

By Brock Cooper (doddleNEWS)

One of the greatest feelings a screenwriter can have is seeing his finished product on the screen. All the endless hours of writing, rewriting and writing again pays off with a little silver screen immortality. This is especially true for first time success.

Odds are it isn’t a giant studio movie, but it is a springboard to bigger and better things. If you are like many screenwriters, you started out with a small independent movie. If you were lucky it was critically acclaimed, but odds are it was a low budget romcom or, the staple of cinema, B-movie horror.

Don’t Get Cocky

Sure, you’ve done something few people in this world will ever accomplish. You crafted a piece of art that has made its way into production. I am sure mom and dad are brimming with pride, but in the movie industry you’re still a novice. Don’t ruin the few connections you made by getting cocky and harping on them about their next project or how you can collaborate again. They may be willing to work with you again and may actually be anxious, but don’t let a momentary success go to your head.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

One of the biggest mistakes a budding writer makes is quitting his paying job, thinking he can make a living as a screenwriter. For a while, it may actually work. Your royalties come in and you’re living well, but the royalties get smaller and smaller as time goes on. Unless you’ve got something coming down the pipe, keep your day job and your bills paid.

Keep Your Ears Open

There are always people looking for screenwriters for projects. Keep your ear to the ground and be on the lookout for any projects that fit your style. Don’t be afraid to make an inquiry or start a treatment if you have one. Contact the proper representation and set up a meeting.

Find Your Own Channels

With a movie under your belt, you can look into finding an agent. Agents are great for doing the looking, and they have the real contacts. Agents help you find the best work at the best money. What they get comes from what you get, so they’ll get you the best deal.

Start Working On Your Next Project

If there is nothing coming down the pipe, then don’t be afraid to start working on your own next spec project. It keeps you busy and helps make your craft even better. You can always stop if something comes along, but it can’t hurt to have that new finished screenplay to shop around.

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