Seagate Ships 8TB Hard Drives For Archiving

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Well, it’s not sexy as a Panasonic GH4 or a Blackmagic URSA, but Seagate has announced a new line of high capacity, low performance hard drives that they have designed specifically for archival use. Can 4K-friendly drives be next?

The Affordable Active Archive Hard Drives for Cloud Storage are the Industry’s first high-capacity hard drive designed for cost-effectively storing active archive data, and cloud content with the lowest cost/TB online data archive solution for petabytes of growing archival storage helps to ensure affordable long-term data management. The 3.5-inch Archive HDD is optimized for cold data storage with the lowest power consumption and the on-demand, time-to-ready PowerChoiceTM feature. –

The Archive Hard Disk Drive uses a shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology which stores up to 1.33TB of data on a single platter. This means that the 8TB AHDD has six platters to read/write from. The downer is, that because the hard drive is designed for archiving, it can only spin at 5,900 RPM and has only 128MB cache. Doing the math, data gets written at 150MB per second. Far too slow for use as a workhorse editing data drive, but it can work nicely for archiving data for backup and long term storage. You do have a backup solution, right?

The idea here is to favor reliability and security over performance, because users want to know that they can put data on hard drive, put it in storage, and then get it months, even years later, and know that the data will be readable as the hard drive mounts. Seagate estimates a mean time between failure rate of over 800,000 hours based on their testing, and that means that even if you’re using it as a backup drive on a daily basis, it’ll last quite a while.

Features include:

  • High-density 8TB hard drives for petabytes of affordable and accessible long-term online storage
  • Enables significant system-level TCO savings with best cost-per-TB
  • Maximum storage efficiency with lowest watts-per-TB
  • Reliable, low-power data retrieval based on Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology
  • RV-balanced for high density environments

Best fit applications:

  • Online archiving
  • Large data object storage
  • Big data cold storage
  • Cloud active archive
  • Web-scale archiving

The line will offer 8TB, 6TB and 5TB models and will ship at a price starting at $260, or just over .03 cents per gigabyte. That’s a steal. And it also comes with a three year warranty.  The hard drives are shipping now, with Amazon scheduled to start making them available in the new year. And if you want a ton, you can buy a 20 pack for just over $5,000. Server action maybe?

Like I said, it’s not exactly sexy, but a lot of technology isn’t. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a must, and it’s very important to have a backup plan for raw footage, photos, edited projects, and more.

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