ShareGrid Pro: Rental Houses Join the Peer to Peer Party

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

The peer to peer gear rental revolution, that sought to give filmmakers the option to rent their gear from fellow filmmakers through services like ShareGrid, was a game changer. Younger filmmakers like the idea of renting from their peers and meeting up to get the gear they need. Faced with an “if you can’t beat em, join em,” scenario, traditional rental houses are joining the peer to peer party, and to that end, ShareGrid Pro is born.

ShareGrid PRO is an invite-only web-service for production companies to get the best deal on gear & service from trusted rental houses.

ShareGrid is a cool service, which supports over 45,000 filmmakers worldwide, renting nearly a half billion dollars worth of camera gear in seven different cities. I actually signed up to give ShareGrid a go, renting my GoPro cameras on several occasions. I found the experience to be not only delightful, but it had the great potential for giving filmmakers an alternative income by putting their gear to work when they’re not using it. You can read my review here.

ShareGrid Pro takes the gear rental game to the next level, by giving members access to Camera Gear from rental houses that ShareGrid has vetted and approved of. What’s interesting is that it uses a variant of the Priceline model for hotels and airplane flights, where you accept a competing bid based on your budget.

Vetted rental houses that may bid on your project include:

  • Stray Angel Films
  • CinemaWorks
  • F22 Studios
  • Production Junction
  • Spekulor
  • Deck Hand Camera
  • Freestyle Filmworks
  • EVS
  • JMR
  • On The Mark
  • Lightstone Rentals
  • Brainbox Cameras
  • Du-All Camera
  • Focus Gear
  • CFG
  • CSI Rentals
  • Pro HD Rentals
  • K&M Rentals
  • Cinema-Vision
  • Death Grip Electric
  • Rare Breeds

How it works is pretty straight forward. You create a gear list, with details on your production type, dates, and gear needs. “The more specific the gear needs the better,”says the ShareGrid Pro FAQ. “Be very clear in communicating your “must have” gear and “nice to have” gear. If you want a specific lens, let the rental house know exactly what type of make, model and tech specs. If your gear needs are flexible, provide an explanation of the production, goals, story and scenes so the rental houses can provide you with the best recommendations and deal.”

Once submitted, ShareGrid’s vetted rental houses will submit bids to fulfill your order request, and ShareGrid will send you a unique URL of your project page, that will enable you to manage your bids, message the rental houses, and arrange pickup once you select a bid.

You can compare gear, prices, service options, reviews, amenities, and locations to decide which bid is best for your production. Select the preferred bid, add it to your cart. You get instant billing, and can pay either through a company credit card or by purchase order.

Once the checkout process is complete, you will be automatically connected directly with the rental house to arrange prep, pickup, and drop-off details. You can even add to an existing project order and communicate with your rental house as production needs evolve.

You are not obligated to accept any bid, and there are no additional fees other than the standard ShareGrid requirement to have production insurance. You can either provide your own, third party insurance rider, or purchase one from ShareGrid. And even there, you can choose from different insurance riders in very much the same fashion.

Your insurance coverage must be greater than the full replacement value of the gear-package you’re requesting. Once the coverage terms with the issuing insurance company is verified, you will then be able to move forward with rental requests. ShareGrid also adds that third party insurance companies may not verify details without your permission, so it’s a good idea to contact them and request they respond to ShareGrid’s verification email. They can contact ShareGrid directly at

No word on if William Shatner approves, but you can create a bid request at the ShareGrid Pro website here.




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