Shooting Behind the Scenes Videos with a GoPro

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By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Shooting behind the scenes videos offer great added value to projects that you are creating for your clients. And film competitions like My RØDE Reel to require BTS videos to feature gear that they manufacture. But if you’re a one man crew, or haven’t done a BTS video before, using GoPros all around your set is a great way to get that BTS footage with minimal effort.

The benefit that a GoPro has when you’re filming on set is that you can put it just about anywhere. From a first person shooter mount on top of your camera cage, to mounting it around the set for a fly on the wallpaper vibe, GoPros offer maximum coverage with minimal footprint.  You can also create time lapses with this b-roll footage to show how the day’s filming has progressed.

There really is a mount for just about every need in GoPro, not only from the company itself, but several third party mounts are also available. PolarPro has a great backpack strap mount which can be removable on the fly. also offers many first person shooter mounts including their Rock Solid Articulating Arm, essentially a magic arm with a GoPro Tripod mount attached. The cool thing about the magic arm is that you can attach it to the camera’s hot shoe, or the middle of your cage and have it hang over the edge of the lens for a great first person look.

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Users can also use an 8″ Extension bar which is a hot shoe rail that allows users to add multiple accessories including an external microphone, mounted GoPro, video light, and more.  I like the sliding bar because it really does give shooters options, beyond adding a GoPro. Imagine being able to shoot comparison videos with your DSLR, GoPro and Smartphone showing the differences and similarities of each? Being a tech reporter at heart, this is a must have piece of gear.

Another great option for shooting behind the scenes is the GoPro Karma Grip. Again, because it offers an easy way to mount your action camera and get a great BTS shot, especially when you want to add movement. You can use the handheld grip to walk around and get a good cinematically stabilized image, or you can add the optional coiled extension cable and mount the Karma’s gimbal stabilizer anywhere and stretch the connection to the battery set up to six feet away. Great for attaching that GoPro to a car or bike, or even on top of a head mount. You can even slide your grip into the Karma Drone and get a good aerial shot of the set.

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And if you’re using GoPro’s Fusion 360° video camera, you can mount that to your camera cage and give your audiences an immersive experience of being on set during shooting, or use GoPro’s OverCapture feature to punch out different camera linear camera angles to create a multi camera look.

GoPros can get you some great footage that you can use in your main project, to be sure, but don’t underestimate the value of using them for behind the scenes footage. They’re that easy second camera man you need to craft B-Roll and make your clients happy. And you can also use the footage in a sizzle reel to get your next gig.


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