Sony Creates MultiCamera Solutions for RX0 Action Camera

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

If you’re a one man crew that shoots weddings, documentaries or corporate videos, then you know the challenges of getting coverage on your own. Sony has created a multi camera solution that would enable users to get more than on angle or perspective, and time it with their “A” camera without a ton of setup.

How the setup works is through Sony’s new VMC-MM2 release cable, which attaches a Sony camera like the α7S II to their action oriented RX0 Camera. The cable syncs the two cameras together, making syncing the cameras in post a bit easier.  Though the cable isn’t that long, is it coiled so users can either place the RX0 on the α7’s hotshot with an attachment, or you can pull it out slightly to give a different angle. Either way gives you two separate perspectives, or, as Sony puts it – “ freeing the user to capture two different forms of content simultaneously”.

The only other requirement, is classic Sony, as users must also add a Multi Interface Show to the chain in order for it all to maintain sync and to successfully rec/stop both cameras at the same time. Users must also go into the camera settings and assign their “movie with shutter” feature to the release button, in order for it to work. So there’s a little setup, but all very easy.

The VMC-MM2 cable is also designed with a nice right angle connector that keeps the cable clear of the electronic viewfinder while shooting, so the cameraman isn’t getting the coiled cable in the way.

Compatibility wise, the MM2 cable isn’t a one size fits all solution, but Sony has a website where shooters who are considering paying the $65 MSRP for the cable can find out if it works with dedicated camera setup.

This is nice because it further expands the capabilities of the RX0, since Sony announced its bullet Time solution last January at CES. In that technique, users can daisy chain up to 100 RX0 cameras together for an interesting bullet time solution.  In this technique, users will also need the Sony Camera Control Box (model CCB-WD1) which wires up to 100 RX0 cameras together. This setup will also work for creating a multi camera VR rig.

The RX0 Camera Control Box is shipping later this month, while the Sony VMC MM2 release cable is scheduled to ship in April.

So it looks like Sony is making the RX0 quite a flexible camera platform beyond it’s action oriented pedigree. And that’s always a good thing.

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