Sony Updates Firmware for VENICE Cinema Camera

The new Sony Cine Alta VENICE Camera version 2.0 firmware update, offers so many great features, that Sony is really crowing about it. And they’re not going to stop.

We’ve had tremendous success (with the Sony Venice) in the market since it was released. Commercials. Music Videos. Documentaries. You name it. – Peter Crithary

The Sony VENICE has created quite a stir since it was announced last Spring, and Sony is getting deep market share, with everyone from Maroon 5 to James Cameron choosing the Venice for their next project. Cameron, in particular, has chosen the Sony Venice to shoot his upcoming sequels to Avatar, because, as the director explains, depicting the foreign world of Pandora requires a camera sensor that is extremely accurate in colors and dynamic range. “The Venice camera delivers the most astonishing image I’ve ever seen,” Cameron says. “It’s a stunning, crystalline, clear image.”

Cameron, and his producer Jon Landau, also praise Sony for listening to filmmakers about features and incorporating those notes into the next generation of the firmware. “They heard what Jim wanted in a camera system,” said Landau, “and they were willing to take their Venice camera and conform it to Jim’s needs.”

Now, with Version 2, the Venice is becoming even more capable with load your own LUTs, dual base 500/2500 ISOs, variable frame rate in one frame increments, and new sensor modes including anamorphic and widescreen formats.The VENICE dual base ISO 2500 gives incredible dynamic range of about 15 stops, which provides incredible detail in both dark and bright lighting conditions. The Venice can emulate various lighting conditions, while keeping the latitude as is.

Maroon 5’s cinematographer for their new hit “Girls Like You” is Claudio Miranda, and he told FDTimes that when shifting to ISO 2500 in Dual Base mode, the image doesn’t add noise to the party. “It’s not like you add gain on the camera, it’s amazingly clean.” Miranda said. “So, it’s super handy that you can flip the VENICE into 2500 ISO mode if you need it for anything, and then you have the 8 stops of ND filters in-camera if you ever need them at the push of a button.”

Image credit – FDTimes

Miranda also said that in Dual Base ISO, he gained an additional two stops of depth of field as well. “The VENICE camera has a native ISO of 500. I lit the set to a T2.8 at 500 ISO, as I would normally do,” Miranda added. “To carry the extra depth of field, I switched to the higher base ISO of 2500. That gave me a bit more than an additional 2 stops: a heavy T5.6.”

Also in version 2, false color, native E-mount, and Sony’s RAW X-OCN codec have been enabled. Venice can also record simultaneously in two different formats when using an external video recorder.

Other Sony VENICE Firmware 2.0 Key New Features include:

  • Dual Base ISO 500/2500
  • Load your own 3D LUTs
  • E-mount is now active
  • New Sensor Modes including:
    • 4K 6:5 Anamorphic
    • 4K 4:3 Anamorphic 25p 29p
    • 6K 1.85:1
    • 6K 17:9
  • Variable Speed Shooting Mode supported
  • Surround View mode for:
    • 4K 17:9 (DCI 4K)
    • 3.8K 16:9 (UHD)
    • 4K 4:3 Anamorphic
  • Auto WB supported
  • High/Low Key exposure tool
  • ProRes recording to SxS cards

Version 2.0 of the Venice firmware can be downloaded here.

Sony has also released a new version of their RAW Viewer Software, which adds support for X-OCN format, OpenEXT export with data compression, and playlist and EDL export. It can be downloaded here.







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