Steadicam Launches Smartphone Stabilizer on Kickstarter

Volt High Res 5By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

I’ve been saying that the next revolution in independent filmmaking will be mobile filmmaking. There are a lot of bugs to be worked out, but with devices like the Kodak Ektra Smartphone (which may just be my next smartphone), the Light L16, and even the dual-lensed iPhone 7 Plus looking to improve what is capable to be shot on a mobile device — it doesn’t take a genius to see where we’re going.

Because of that, some companies have been getting in on the mobile stabilization market, but now the giant of film stabilization industry is getting a piece of the pie. Steadicam has announced a Kickstarter campaign for their first electronic smartphone stabilizer called the Steadicam Volt. Check out their pledge video below:

The main feature of this stabilizer is the ability to quickly whip-pan the camera from side to side — at least technology-wise. I would argue that the best reason to help Kickstart this stabilizer is because it’s being produced by Steadicam.

Back in September of 2015, I backed a smartphone electronic and mechanical gimbal called the Ultra-Luuv, and currently have yet to receive it. It was estimated to arrive on May 2016. I know they have been shipping out the purely mechanical one, the Solid Luuv, for a while, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t vaporware, but the wait is downright annoying.

The Steadicam Volt looks very promising, and the fact that it comes from THE name in film camera stabilization, it would make me confident that not only can they deliver a fantastic product — but deliver it on time.

To help finance and get your own Steadicam Volt, currently going for $139, just head over their Kickstarter campaign here. Here are the technical specifications of the stabilizer:

Engineered to provide the utmost precision and control, the Steadicam Volt will enable smartphone users to capture high quality video content with ease. Additionally, the simulated feeling of inertia on the pan axis will improve the overall handing of the gimbal, giving users the stability they need to film with remarkable precision.

  1. Lightweight and folding design enable easy storage and transportation
  2. Accompanying iOS & Android APP allows for precise balance and tuning
  3. Haptic control utilizes Simulated Inertia
  4. Dual operating modes for beginners and experienced users
  5. Uses long life rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
  6. Accommodates phone sizes with or without case from 100 – 200g in weight and 58 to 80mm wide
  7. Bluetooth enabled
  8. Works in manual mode even after your batteries are depleted
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