Studio Binder Makes Your Production Management Paperless

Service Designed to manage call times, crew lists, and automatically track confirmations

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

With more productions becoming “green sensitive” to the amount of paper that they generate, numerous online production management tools have popped up in the last few years. Doddle has an app itself that does all the scheduling for you and it works quite nicely. There’s also a new service called Studio Binder, that not only helps you manage your production from a cast and crew stand point, but it’s easy reminder texting and emails make running a production a breeze.

screen-profilesEnd the torture. Bring your production into the 21st Century. Studio Binder makes it easy to manage your productions. Invite cast and crew, send call times as email and text messages, and track all the confirmations.  Invite your team. Send call times. Track Confirmations.  Save time with profiles, which eliminate the grunt work of collecting cast and crew details on every production. Just invite them and they’ll provide all the details you need. – Studio Binder

Currently in Beta, Studio Binder seeks to automate the studio process by collecting cast and crew information, and then using that information to send out emails and text messages to inform them of last minute changes to the production schedule. The idea is really simple, you send out an invitation to your cast and crew via email, and they will then sign up and populate all necessary details. And not only email or phone numbers either. But dietary requirements, credited names, paycheck information, and more. And if you use the same cast/crew over and over again, you can send out re-invitations, to renew their information and populate it into the next project file.

screen-confirmEver felt like your call sheets went into a black hole? Had to call your cast or crew to confirm they’ll show up? We find this grunt work to be stressful and waste of time.

When sending out call times, Studio Binder will send out nicely formatted information, with a reply button to enable them to confirm their call time, so you know they got the word. You can also use a personal note feature to remind them to bring any costumes or props that you may need for the scene of the day, or to give them something as prescient as a weather forecast so they can prepare properly.  Should you not get a confirmation, Studio Binder will then resend the reminder so that they know you’re waiting for their confirmation.

Studio Binder isn’t live yet, but is in what they call a “pre-launch” mode, meaning that they are collecting invitation emails for when they go live. No word on how much the service will cost, but word on the street is that the basic membership will be free, with premium features available through a “freemium” in-app purchase scheme.  To sign up to find out what it’s all about when the time comes, head over to Notifications should go out within a few weeks.

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