Tascam DR-701D: 6-Track Field Recorder For DSLR

Tascam DR-701DBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

With the advent of DSLRs for video, and now phone cameras that can shoot up to 4K video, filmmakers have been given a revolutionary tool for low budget movie making. Field recorders, however, haven’t really kept up all that well.

One of the major players in the audio accessories for DSLR companies is the Japanese based Tascam. They’ve announced a new product called the Tascam DR-701D which comes with four XLR/TRS inputs with phantom power and dual built-in omnidirectional mics.

The big news is that it also has an HDMI input and output which will allow you to automatically trigger recording on the device when your camera records, perfectly syncing both audio and video. The 701D also has SMPTE timecode via a BNC connector and runs on 4 AA batteries.

The new Tascam DR701D will for $599 and is available for pre-order here. The unit is expected to start shipping in about two months. Here’s a detailed list of its features.

  1. 6 maximum simultaneous recording tracks
  2. SD/SDHC/SDXC cards used for recording media
  3. MONO, STEREO, 2MIX, DUAL MONO, DUAL ST and DUAL2MIX recording modes
  4. Recording formats: 16/24-bit, 44.1/48/96/192kHz (WAV/BWF) (192kHz only for two-track recording)
  5. Built-in original TASCAM HDDA mic preamps provide high audio quality
  6. Input levels can be adjusted separately for each track
  7. XLR/TRS inputs support +4dBu line level and 24/48V phantom power
  8. Clock and record start/stop can be synchronized with a camera using the HDMI port
  9. DR-701D audio signal can be output to an external camera or recorder from the HDMI OUT or line output
  10. Cascade function using HDMI connections allows multiple DR-701D transport and monitoring operations
  11. SMPTE Timecode can be input through the TC IN connector to add recording start times to files
  12. Timecode generator (RTC) allows recording start times to be added to files even when there is no timecode input
  13. Plug-in power mics and high output mics (EXT IN 1/2) supported
  14. CAMERA OUT connector can output audio mixed by the DR-701D to a DSLR camera
  15. CAMERA IN connector enables monitoring the sound from a DSLR camera through the DR-701D
  16. High quality audio output through a line output jack separate from the headphones jack
  17. Headphones jack with 50mW+50mW maximum output
  18. Tripod attachment threads (bottom), camera screw attachment that can be installed or removed with a coin (top) and shoe mount (top) included
  19. Handles on the left and right sides of the front protect the control surface and also enable attachment of a shoulder strap
  20. Transport and SLATE buttons made of rubber suppress noise during operation
  21. HOLD switch prevents inadvertent control adjustments
  22. 128×64-dot graphic LCD with backlight
  23. LED lights have high visibility even in direct sunlight
  24. High-speed transfer of files to computers possible using USB 2.0
  25. Micro-B type USB cable included
  26. Powered by 4 AA batteries, USB bus power or a PS-P515U AC adapter (sold separately)
  27. BP-6AA external battery pack (sold separately) enables operation for even longer times
  28. Optional RC-3F foot switch and RC-10 wireless remote control can be connected (both sold separately)
  29. Built-in mixer enables pan and level adjustments as well as solo monitoring and can output a mix of 4 channels
  30. GANG function allows the levels of multiple channels to be controlled simultaneously
  31. Individual channel trim settings shown
  32. 5-position low-cut filter (50/80/120/180/220 Hz) cuts unwanted low frequencies
  33. Multi-band limiter automatically adjusts input overloads (stereo-linking possible with 1/L and 2/R)
  34. Delay function can compensate for distances between mics (+/-150 ms)
  35. Mid-side decoder function enables use with mid-side stereo mics
  36. Slate tone insertion functions (AUTO/MANUAL)
  37. Slate tone insertion points can be selected (recording start or recording start and stop when slate AUTO function used)
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