Tensions Between Marvel & Universal Over Hulk Movie Revealed

Ruffalo_HulkBy Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

Mark Ruffalo has been discussing the future of his character the Hulk – and revealed a standalone movie for the Marvel favorite is a long way off.

The Oscar nominated star’s performance as Bruce Banner in the Avengers movies have been critically acclaimed, and warmly received by fans.

However, it seems Marvel Studios and Universal’s frosty relationship has prohibited another Hulk movie – as the latter still owns rights to any standalone picture.

In an interview with Yahoo!, Ruffalo spoke about the problems facing the project.

He said: “I think they’ve been working on it. Marvel and Universal famously don’t get along very well, and so that’s working against us, definitely. But I know for a fact that everyone is holding out hope that one day we can do it. But the nature of the relationship right now, it’s a little prohibitive.

“And I hope that changes; that changes with regimes, it changes over the course of time. But right now, it doesn’t look particularly promising.”

The last solo Hulk picture was 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton, which was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Universal, grossing $263.4 million worldwide.

So what has changed in the relationship between the two studios since then?

Well, as ComicBook.com astutely points out, the answer is Disney. In 2009, the House of Mouse bought Marvel Studios, and have been keen to get the amusement park rights for the superhero characters back from Universal ever since.

The studio’s Orlando theme park features Marvel at its Islands of Adventure; in fact, the Hulk coaster is getting an upgrade right now, and is set to open in 2016 (the park opened in 1999). But it doesn’t seem like Universal is budging.

Hulk Thor
The Hulk and the god of thunder will team up in Thor: Ragnarok

The character will next appear in Thor: Ragnarok, which Ruffalo revealed would start shooting in June 2016.

The actor also spoke with Ain’t It Cool News about the evolution of the character, and how the personalities of Banner and the Hulk, aka ‘the other guy’, may start to merge.

He said: “It’s very subtle, but the Banner/Hulk consciousness is beginning to meld a little bit.” Ruffalo goes on to say, “Who decided to leave [during Avengers: Age of Ultron]? Was it Banner or Hulk? It’s not really in the [cinematic] mythology of Hulk up until that moment to be that conscious and pro-active. It’s interesting, right?”

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