Teradek Announces VidiU Mini Live Streaming Box

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

What if I told you that you could create your own live internet broadcast television station for under $600, and do it with Teradek equipment? That’s the promise behind the new VidiU Mini wireless video streaming box, which uses your smartphone to broadcast your signals to the world.

 “We took the best features we’ve developed over the years for our popular VidiU encoder and put them into a smaller, easier to use device suited perfectly for action cams and DSLRs. With so much potential at such an affordable price, anybody will be able to share their unique experiences live online with friends, family, and followers.” – Nicol Verheem, CEO of Teradek

The Live:Air app

The heart of the VidiU Mini streaming system is the Teradek Live:Air production Suite, an iOS app designed to take the live video signal and route it out to the internet to a vast array of supporting live video streaming services. The app (links to the iPhone Live:Air Remote app, and iPad Live:Air Remote app and iPad Live:Air regular app) offers professional production features such as visual effects, lower thirds, and other text overlays and can be used to switch between multiple live video sources and pre-recorded material with transitions that would rival even the most top notch broadcast news room.

“The Live:Air iOS application is a very exciting new direction for Teradek,” added Verheem. “It allows anyone to create captivating live streams, be that with a single iPhone video source or a multi-camera production. The app is the perfect compliment to VidiU Mini and greatly simplifies producing high quality content for online consumption.”

“When we look at what’s happening in the market, we think there’s a much larger number of people who’d like to stream, and we want to make that capability available to them at a price point that works for them. – Mike Gailing, Director of Marketing at Teradek

Harnessing mini-HDMI encoding, the VidiU Mini can stream full 1080p HD video to anyone online video portal or via Teradek’s own Live: Air Production app. VidiU Mini is powered by an internal lithium ion battery to give the device a battery life up to 3 hours between charges (plus you can attach a USB backup battery to extend your broadcast time).

Other features include transmission to the app via bluetooth or dual band WiFi support for web streaming services such as UStream, YouTube Live, Livestream, or create your own service through Wowza streaming server.

Specifications include:

HDMI (micro HDMI connector)

When Widescreen is set to Yes (16:9):

  • Full HD: 1920 x 1080
  • HD: 1280 x 720
  • High: 960 x 540
  • Medium: 736 x 414
  • Low: 480 x 270
  • Mobile: 360 x 200

*Note: 30fps support for NTSC. 25fps support for PAL.


  • Full HD: 4.0 Mbit/s
  • HD: 2.1 Mbit/s
  • High: 1.35 Mbit/s
  • Medium: 700 Kbit/s
  • Low: 350 Kbit/s
  • Mobile: 225 Kbit/s


  • Full HD: 192 Kbit/s
  • HD: 128 Kbit/s
  • High: 96 Kbit/s
  • Medium: 96 Kbit/s
  • Low: 48 Kbit/s
  • Mobile: 48 Kbit/s


  • Compression: Baseline/Main/High H.264
  • Bit Rate: 250 Kbps to 4 Mbps


  • Integration with Livestream, Ustream and YouTube
  • Manual RTMP with other streaming platforms


  • Audio compression: AAC
  • Embedded audio input


  • Remote video source for Live:Air App


  • LED front panel indicators
  • On/Off and Go Live pushbuttons
  • Pinhole Reset switch
  • Bluetooth LE for discovery and configuration


  • WiFi: Dual Band MIMO 802.11 a/b/g/n


  • Power Input: micro USB (4.5-9V DC)
  • Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery – up to 3 hrs
  • Nominal power consumption: 3.5W
  • Nominal power consumption while charging : up to 10W
What it looked like just 4 years ago …

Here’s how it works: Users can connect and configure the VidiU Mini through your iOS device’s cellular 4G/LTE connection or via a WiFi access point that you connect to. Configuration takes only a few minutes and users can also connect via bluetooth and get up and running in under a minute.

Using an access point provides you more wireless range for multi-camera productions and a more resilient Internet connection, while 4G/LTE access means you can stream your video anywhere (note, 3G can be used, but you’ll end up with a more dicey connection, especially in congested areas). Also note that users will have to use the iOS device’s personal hotspot feature, which means an additional cost and bandwidth considerations from your wireless provider.

Though (Teradek) says “we’re not trying to replace a NewTek Tricaster,” from where I sit, if you’re a small school, church, business or production company and simply want to take your videography to the next level, well, they’ve already done it. – Hugh Brownstone, Planet5D

The Live:Air app also allows the incorporation of  GoPro, DSLR, or camcorder feeds into a wireless video source. So now you can create live action video streams by keeping the VidiU in your pocket. It’s that small. And imagine connecting to your DJI Phantom or Inspire 1 camera thanks to DJIs SDK. The possibilities are endless. I’m excited about where this is heading. Everyone wants to stream these days, and the VidiU Mini has lowered the entry point for investment to the point where it’s almost criminal not to. Steadily, all excuses to take your work to the next level are disappearing and the medium is being democratized. Frankly, I can’t wait to try it out.

Cost of the Teradek VidiU Mini is $499, plus another $99 for the Live:Air iOS apps. It’ll be out later this month, while the Live:Air app is available for download now (links to the iPhone Live:Air Remote app, and iPad Live:Air Remote app and iPad Live:Air regular app).

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