Top Content Creator Loses Faith In YouTube, Launches DeFranco Now (Updated)

Update: It’s possible that DeFranco is looking to wean himself off of relying on YouTube. He’s partnered with social media developer Snakt to create DeFranco Now, a media distribution platform that will not only showcase DeFranco’s daily news reports, but offers video replies to keep the conversation going. “One of the features I miss the most from old school YouTube are video responses,” DeFranco said in his announcement. “But even if we could get back video responses today, I would want them to be better, and that’s why we jumped into DeFranco Now.”

DeFranco says he’ll also be adding stories to the DeFranco Now app that won’t appear on his regular YouTube content. And this leads me to believe that Philly D is testing the waters to move his audience away from YouTube. What do you guys think?

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

If you are fan of Phillip DeFranco, you know that his YouTube channel is about current events, the news, and the drama behind content creators who gain headlines for their antics. But on the whole, DeFranco is far from controversial, and many consider him a modern, middle of the road news man. So you’d think that his site would be advertiser friendly in the eyes of the streaming portal. Well, with YouTube current jihad against content creators, their draconian demonetization policy, and now, a mysterious new algorithm that is designed to throttle the performance of select user content, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and DeFranco has reached a breaking point over just what YouTube is doing.

With the current state of YouTube, the show can’t thrive, in fact, very soon, the show may not be able to survive, and it all boils down to increased crackdown against this channel. – Philip DeFranco

DeFranco is no beginner just starting out. He’s been on YouTube for nearly ten years and has over 6 million subscribers. Moreover, I wouldn’t call DeFranco a YouTube cheerleader. Though he has carved out for himself quite a nice career on the platform and has always sought to understand what YouTube has been doing over the course of the last few years, when it comes to this adpocalyse bullcrap, he’s willing to call them on it when their behavior makes no sense.

Consequently, DeFranco has also accepted the reality that some of his harder hitting news casts are going to be flagged for demonetization simply because of the subject matter (like mass shootings, Syria, etc.). To compensate for that lost revenue, he’s has gone outside the platform and built his own subscriber based solution using Patreon called “DeFranco Elite.” It’s this system that has basically allow him to not only create new content, but to grow his dream of a news network online.

“I’m tired of trying to work with the alcoholic, negligent step father that is Youtube. At this point, it doesn’t matter if you’re swerving this car on purpose towards the tree or just asleep at the wheel and that’s what happened.”

But now DeFranco says a so-called “suppressing algorithm” has been suppressing not only his videos, but other Youtubers’ videos, like those from “Boogie2988,” which YouTube is simply suppressing, thereby not popping up where they normally do. The result is up to a half million fewer views than normal. DeFranco also says that while YouTube says that the algorithm is learning as it goes, it seems as it’s learning to crack down harder, rather than gain a better understanding of how the channel works.  Tired of dealing with it, DeFranco is going to build his own streaming portal that is based on user subscriptions, and then simply post his videos on his YouTube channel as an afterthought.

Another YouTube channel, Computing Forever, cites a Q&A session with YouTube Engineers that state that even when content creators encourage their subscribers to “ring the notification bell” when a new video comes online, they freely admit that the algorithm doesn’t notify members at all. Only those “more popular channels” like mainstream advertisers and channels seem to consistently escape the algorithm’s draconian eye.  The problem is that new videos that would normally appear in the suggested, recommended and watch next tabs to the right are vanishing at an alarming rate. “If a video is being prevented from being displayed in these fields, it’s reach will be greatly reduced almost to the point of the channel being entirely diminished,” Lack78 says. ” He also says that he fully expects that channels receiving this treatment will disappear from YouTube’s own search results, causing the channel to enter a limited state almost like it has gone dormant.

Moreover YouTube’s notification system creates two layers, both live notifications and subscriptions. The idea behind the notification system is that as soon as you select the notification, you’re supposed to get notified of when a new video goes live. Only in the video it states that this is only “sometimes” and only with channels that enjoy more active viewers. So, in essence they’re saying that those who don’t need the notification, are the ones getting the notification. How does that make any sense whatsoever?

At the end of the day, it definitely puts creators in an awkward position. Big creators are going to be fine, but the smaller channels, with less than 10,000 subs are going to have a harder time getting noticed. Who are trying to make it their first time job. You should be looking for a way outside of youtube. – Boogie2988

Boogie says the only way you can really be sure you’re getting notified of a new video is to follow those content creators on other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.  Savvy content creators will post to them, letting their subscribers know that a new video is out. Coupling that with subscriptions, notifications, and the third party social media plan, you may have a better chance of knowing that videos are reaching the intended audience.

I have a theory about all this, that I think goes beyond the suppression of a set point of view. Yes, YouTube is trying to keep advertisers happy, because they need to show a profit to Google. But they also have paid services like YouTube RED and YouTubeTV. So my thinking is that YouTube doesn’t want to support content creators anymore if they aren’t bringing money to the party. If viewers aren’t paying for the service, then they’re going to go out of their way to frustrate the develop of the channel until the creator simply gives up and goes somewhere else. That way, they can cut the dead weight and focus on where the money is flowing.

I think this is the beginning of the end for content creators seeking to eek out some sort of living making YouTube videos. If you haven’t already been established, are “advertiser friendly” (whatever that means this week), or aren’t part of their accepted cadre of content creators who already provide content to their paid services, well, you’re just out of luck. Not only can you not reach that hefty 10,000 views and a 4,000 hour floor every year, but viewers will be unlikely to see new videos at all, making it impossible to qualify.

Hell, even if you’re happy just putting videos up for free, they’re likely going to disappear in the backscatter and not be seen because nobody will know about them, even if they’re one of your subscribers.

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