Vimeo Adds 360° and Virtual Reality Video Support

vimeo-360By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Vimeo has finally joined the 360° video and virtual reality party by adding 360° video support to their streaming service. Well, better late than never. But it taking their time, they’ve crafted a pretty cool page and tips on how to get started.

To introduce Vimeo 360 to the world, we wanted to create a playful, visually exciting 360 video to celebrate. We’ve always taken a “learn by doing” approach when it comes to video production — and while not a single person on our team had any 360 experience, we were all eager to jump in and get started. – Vimeo 360

vimeo360Saying Vimeo 360 is built for filmmakers who love to shoot in the round, the new service allows for high resolution 360° video to be uploaded in up to 8K resolution, with UHD streaming supported via two pass transcoding and both monoscopic and stereoscopic support.

The files can also be set to be downloadable, but in lower resolution HD video.

Behind the video: Vimeo’s first 360 shoot from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

To upload your videos, Vimeo 360 offers:

  1. Simple upload flow
  2. Customizable field of view
  3. Pitch and yaw settings
  4. 360 badge & compass embed options
  5. Help Center assistance
Behind-the-scenes of Vimeo’s 360 shoot

Those who wish to sell their wares, Vimeo is promising more than 240 million+ monthly viewers, with a curated 360° channel with favorite staff picks, and an open global marketplace for Vimeo Pro and Business level members.

Pro level memberships start at $17 a month based on an annual billing, and come with 20GB a week of storage, up to 1TB a year. Unlimited bandwidth. Priority video conversion, and pro stats. Business grade memberships cost $50 a month, with no weekly limits, up to 5TB total storage capacity, business stats, and VIP support. There’s also support to team collaboration of up to 10 team members.

If you’re just getting into the 360 video game, Vimeo is also offering their own 360 Video School with tips and advice for beginners in the virtual reality game, and gradual lessons going all the way up to tips and tricks for seasoned professionals.

Lessons include how to shoot a 360 video, the best 360° camera for your budget, managing your 360 video shoot, the 360 video editing workflow, understanding the difference between virtual reality and 360° video, and a host of others. There are also behind the scenes diaries of 360 videos posted to the Vimeo 360 channel.

The breakdown of the what are the best 360 video cameras to buy is pretty comprehensive, for instance, breaking down the pros and cons of models ranging from the Ricoh Theta S (read my review here) to the GoPro Omni rig to even the ridiculously expensive $45,000 Nokia OZO rig. Personally, for 1/3 of the price, I think I’d go with Google’s 16 camera JumpVR system. But I’m currently testing out the GoPro Omni rig and so far, I can see the allure. But the workflow is intensive. But all in all, it’s a great overview and an excellent example of the kind of tutorials Vimeo is offering.

“From Staff Picked filmmakers to emerging pros, today’s best 360 creators call Vimeo home. Follow our 360 channel to see the freshest videos — hand-picked by our curation team — and join our growing community.” – Vimeo

Tell you what I like about their attitude here: They’re doing what they’ve always done, creating a community of creators and viewers, looking to mine the best quality image for their streams, and offering tips and tricks on how to do it. The company also offers a 360 starter kit at sign up here. If you’re serious about the art form, and just don’t want to throw up a video and get views, Vimeo 360 may be a better professional choice.

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