YouTube Tests Feature Highlighting Content Creators On the Rise

The easiest thing about content creators getting started on YouTube is just that. Getting started. You set up a channel, put up a video and say “hello world.” But can a little fish thrive in such a large pond? Well, that’s been the hardest thing about YouTube – getting noticed. Now, the streaming portal is looking to change all that with a new category that focuses on channels “On the Rise.”

The real challenge of YouTube is the sheer massive amount of video that gets uploaded every day, over 800 hours per minute. And even one of those videos is competing for eyeballs. Many new content creators, who are putting out some great content, are being lost in the backscatter of noise because nobody knows they’re there. And YouTube’s algorithm does those new users no favors, since it tends to highlight channels with huge subscriber bases, and videos that have gone viral. But how do you make a viral video if you can’t even get noticed?

This is where the new On the Rise category comes in. Calling it an “experiment within an experiment,” YouTube has crafted a tab called “Explore” that will enable viewers to discover new content, and new channels. Within the Explore tablet, is the “On the Rise” category, which is filled with YouTube channels with under 10,000 subscribers. These are the small content creators who are seeking to build their channels as fast as possible, so they can begin monetization under the new rules. And that’s not really easy, since they also have to reach a thousand subscribers with an annual cumulative viewing time of over 4,000 hours, and 10,000 views as well. So clearly, On the Rise could potentially help to generate some traffic to new channels in the process.

On the Rise will be curated, however, and that means that YouTube will be choosing channels to highlight, and nobody knows what the criteria is to get noticed. But on the other hand, with YouTube looking at viewer subscriptions and then suggesting similar channels that are under 10,000 subscribers, On the Rise is certain to help many channels get over the top and reach their goal.

YouTube is also placing a cap on the On the Rise category, so that channels above 10,000 subscribers are not eligible. So if you’re are budding content creator still refining your skills, and your content is advertiser friendly, this is a place to get better at the craft, while building your channel. And if you’re a viewer who likes finding new content and giving creators some love, this is the place for you.

Explore and On the Rise features are currently being tested with limited subscribers on iOS and Android, right now, and there’s several details that still have to be worked out. So for now, this is only “an experiment within an experiment.” There’s no guarantee that YouTube will roll these new features out portal wide. But it shows that YouTube is aware of the challenges that content creators have, getting started in their YouTube career and they are looking at ways to help.

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